Poems sent to the cottage, remote pity old homesick

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The seventh day of the first lunar month is a small festival in the middle of the Spring Festival. It is said that this day is the human’s birthday, which is also known as “Rensheng Day”, “Renqing Day”, “Population Day”, “Seven days” and so on.According to Chinese folklore, Nu Wa created the world and created all living things on earth. On the first day, she created a chicken, a dog, a pig, a sheep, an ox, a horse, and a man on the fourth day. Therefore, she created a man on the seventh day.”Day to Send Du Er Relics” — Tang • Gao Shi day poems sent to the cottage, distant pity the old homesick.Wicker color can not bear to see, plum blossom full branch empty heartbroken.The body is far away from the island without prediction, with sorrow complex thousands of worry.This year empty phase memory, next year people know where.A lie dongshan thirty spring, know book sword old dust.Dragon Zhong also two thousand stone, kui erdong southwest people.On human day, I wrote a poem to Du Fu and sent it to the Thatched Cottage in Chengdu, where I miss you and our common hometown.Spring arrives, willow leaves bud, plum blossom is in full bloom, should make a person happy, but the wanderer who drifts in different places is moved homesickness however.At that time, the country was in trouble, the war did not rest, with a high level of literary talent and military strategy, should have participated in the government, achievements, but far away from the Kingdom of Beijing, the body in the South Fan.Is bearing the sorrow of thousands of worries and come, the body when the troubled times, a stranger, this year at this time, is missing, next year and where, hard to predict.Although the life is difficult, but also leisurely and comfortable, it is impossible to know how to live up to the book sword, old in the world.This is concerning my own age and urological reproach, concerning my kingdom’s myriadedness, and concerning my guilty heart concerning my wandering friend.