Let the math class in the new Kit Kat scene rich dynamic, can stimulate students’ interest in learning

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A good classroom introduction can not only take the lead, but also create a good teaching atmosphere for learning new lessons, open students’ hearts and set a successful tone for classroom teaching.Four aspects should be fully considered: natural and reasonable attraction, which is not only the continuation of the previous knowledge, but also the beginning of subsequent knowledge;Connect the natural transition, so that students form a compulsive exploration goal;New and unique, stimulate students’ interest, make them fully engaged.1. Introduction of problems.The problem introduction method can give students enough time to think, stimulate students’ strong desire for knowledge and generate strong motivation for learning.Second, practice and observation.Through observing experiments or students’ hands-on operation, the abstract theory can be visualized, which can not only enrich students’ perceptual knowledge but also enable students to deepen their understanding of the theory in the process of observation and operation.For example, the introduction of “The sum of angles in Angular Shapes” requires each student to make an arbitrary triangle on the paper, cut it into three parts, and then put the three interior angles together and ask: how many degrees does the sum of the three interior angles equal?This introduction of new lessons, not only trained students drawing, measurement, calculation, jigsaw skills, enhance students’ interest in learning.Three, interest introduction method.Using games, riddles and other ways to introduce new lessons can make students interested, the classroom atmosphere is active.The introduction of the new class in the life situation will make the students concentrate, and really lure them into their own psychological situation, so that the students will realize the happiness of learning mathematics and using mathematics well!Feel the beauty of mathematics in real life, get twice the result with half the effort.Four, the introduction of suspense.Suspense is to contain the students thinking line, middle school students active, curious, competitive, teachers should seize the psychological characteristics of students to set up suspense.For example, when teaching “the properties of similar triangles”, tell the story that the philosopher Thales measured the height of the pyramid with a knot. Can anyone tell how Thales measured the height of the tower?The students all looked at each other.Encourage by saying, “After this lesson, you will be the next Thales!”The students were encouraged into intense study.Set up suspense to grasp the appropriate, not “hanging” students do not think of its solution, it can not mobilize the enthusiasm of students.Too “hanging” students daunting, also can not reach the due effect.5. Counterexample induction.Introducing new lessons by using the experience of mistakes in students’ life, analyzing typical mistakes and comparing right and wrong can help students deepen their understanding of knowledge from the opposite side.The teacher negates the life experience that the students think is “true”, the students’ thinking is activated, and their attention is focused on the questions raised by the teacher, which cleverly introduces a new lesson.Demonstrate the introduction method.With the help of physical objects, multimedia or experiments, it creates a rich and colorful teaching situation for students, makes the abstract problems concrete, is conducive to cultivating students from image thinking to abstract thinking step by step, and stimulates students to actively participate in the teaching process.Mathematics teaching is more boring, a good beginning can play a natural, logical, twice the result with half the effort, will enable students to solve problems from learning, to guess and find new problems.There are many ways to introduce new lessons, which should be flexibly chosen according to the specific class type, reasonable and proper, and enough is enough.Remember to drag and pull, make up, even unconventional, will appear to gild the lily, favoring one side over another, dilute the central goal of classroom teaching.