Leisurely record five: Gao Luopei “Tang Di Gong Case: Ziyun Temple”

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See “wild grass” continuously, a little tired, listen to read Gao Luopei “Tang Di Gong Case · Ziyun Temple”, change your mind.Another triad of murders, burglaries and disappearances, three cases connected.Miss Wu’s disappearance, originally unrelated to the other two cases, has become a breakthrough in the two cases, which is a feature of the design.Small details roll out big problem, it is the consistent gimmick of “da Tang Di Crime”.This book is no exception.For example, by the dry paint, pen and ink dust, Di Gong to Li Ke’s identity doubts.Perhaps because I have not read carefully, I always feel that there are some logical points in the book that seem to be vulnerable to scrutiny.First of all, since the dry well is not easy to be found, the witch and Yang Maode killed Ceng SAN and Li Ke, why not throw the bodies into the well, not through the change of head, cover up ceng SAN’s death?Second, is it necessary for Yang maode to pretend to be Li Ke?He just went to ziyun Temple at night to look for gold. What was the use of pretending to be Li Ke if he wanted to avoid being noticed?Third, the book says that the locksmith Ming Ao was tricked into the cellar by Li Ke and killed. He did not know the existence of the cellar, so how could he have hidden the gold in the secret silver cabinet in the cellar beforehand?Had he always carried the gold with him, and only discovered it when he had been tricked into a cellar?Li Ke had searched the cellar beforehand, and must have searched very carefully. He did not find the silver cabinet. How could Ming Ao find it?Because he’s a locksmith?Fourth, in order to frighten Li Ke and extort gold, the old monk (beggar king) can just give him a short message, why bother so much, mystifying to get an antique box, seal a secret letter for a beggar to sell li Ke?Li Ke sold it without even looking at it, and it happened to fall into the hands of Di Gong.It’s not full, is it?Readers are often surprised at the calluses of Dicigong (Holmes, Polo) when summing up the speech, which is linked together, in fact, they often ignore the “asymmetric” information between Dicigong and readers.For example, When Di Gong discovered that the shape of the character “Shou” engraved on the box was similar to the structure of Ziyun Temple, his ideas were suddenly enlightened.This was then known only to him and his author, and the reader only became aware of it when the mystery was revealed.For example, at the end of the movie Death on the Nile, the big detective Polo told everyone that someone had put sleeping pills in his wine the night before the crime, so that he could not hear the crime in order to make him fall asleep, etc.This is actually the author of a narrative strategy, creating suspense, the reader has always been such as falling clouds in the fog, to the end of the Duke they said, the clouds see the sun, the audience can not help Shouting: really is the detective also!(Di Gong Case of Tang Dynasty: Ziyun Temple, translated by Zhang Ling, Shanghai, The first edition, August 2021) After lunch on February 19, 2022