Jinhe Industrial: the company’s involvement in the USITC 337 investigation has been closed

2022-06-19 0 By

Jinhe Industrial (002597) Announcement, recently,Note OF A COMMISSION DETERMINATION NOT TO REVIEW AN INITIAL DETERMINATION GRANTING SUMMARY DETERMINATION was received by the United States International Trade COMMISSION OF NO VIOLATION OF SECTION337;TERMINATING THE INVESTIGATION, THE preliminary ruling made on January 11, 2022 will not be reviewed and THE INVESTIGATION will be terminated, that is, THE sweetener product aceselmeline produced by THE company does not violate THE provisions of Section 337 of THE Customs Act of 1930 of THE United States, and there is no infringement.At this point, the company involved in the United States International Trade Commission 337 investigation has all ended, the 337 investigation and response period, the company’s production and operation has not caused substantive impact.