Four people were injured when a car crashed into several non-motor vehicles in Zhenjiang

2022-06-19 0 By

Nanjing, March 29 (Ma Xiaobo) According to jiangsu Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment Jingkou brigade notified, March 29 at 7:46 in the morning, Zhenjiang Xuefu Road and Jiaoshan road intersection occurred a traffic accident, a small car in the non-motor lane hit a number of non-motor vehicles, the scene caused 4 people injured.After the accident, the public security organs quickly arrived at the scene of disposal, the driver of the accident (Zhu mou, male, 43 years old zhenjiang) was controlled on the spot, the injured were immediately sent to the hospital for treatment, are not life threatening.At present, the accident is under further investigation and handling.