Fall into a trap!Thermal imaging lock on us helicopter scene: Delta Force nearly lost all hands

2022-06-19 0 By

In the early hours of February 3rd, us special forces raided and killed IS leader ABU Qurlahi, more and more live videos are coming out.In fact, Mr. Qulahi had been fully prepared, but something went wrong at the last minute.As an officer in Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard, He joined the anti-AMERICAN militant group in Iraq after 2003 and fought a guerrilla war in Iraq for 10 years.Finally, he joined IS and became its military commander in Syria, commanding several battles in Deir ezzor, Aleppo and Kobani.He became the new leader of IS after ABU Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by U.S. special forces in October 2019.How to hide himself, then, became an important task for Kurlahi.First, the place he chose to hide was on the outskirts of the town of Atmeh in the northern idlib province in northwestern Syria.This place is very close to Turkey, and this area is controlled by the Syrian rebel group HTS. The leader of HTS, ABU Jurani, used to work with ABU Bakr al-Baghdadi and was an aide to ABU Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.After 2011, Al Qaeda sent Al-Jurani to Syria and Al-Baghdadi to Iraq.But soon after, Al-Baghdadi broke away from aL Qaeda and moved into Syria.So, in fact, IS and HTS are Allies, they’re all in this together.As a result, Qurlahi is relatively safe hiding in the territory of the HTS militant group.And this person is hidden in the house, never leaves the house, and doesn’t invent any videos or recordings.He also lived with one of his top aides and a Courier, who, like Bin Laden and Baghdadi, had never used a communications system, only a Courier to deliver orders and messages.There were also unidentified armed men protecting Qurlahi’s house.Multiple helicopters, including AH-64E, MH-60M, and MH-47G of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and reapers were intercepted and shot at by unidentified gunmen while attacking the hideout in Qurahi.Armed with heavy weapons such as vehicle-mounted anti-aircraft guns, one black Hawk helicopter crashed on the spot.It seems that Qulahi himself knew that the U.S. forces would find the area and launch a night attack sooner or later, so he deployed anti-aircraft guns and machine guns around the area.Once the U.S. special forces team arrived, they were in a trap.According to video released now, the militants near Qurahi have located a number of US helicopters using thermal imaging systems.Once the MANpads are launched, the AMERICANS will not lose any of them, and the entire Delta task Force will be wiped out.But the fighters, who had been stationed a few hundred meters from Qurahi’s house, fought for hours and hours before abruptly withdrawing en masse and not attacking the HELICOPTERS.First of all, the U.S. military has multiple helicopters and Reaper drones, and there are more powerful attack aircraft.Second, and more important, HTS’s boss, Mr Chulani, may well have got cold feet.While ABU Bakr al-Baghdadi of THE ISLAMIC State group IS ruthless, ABU Julani, the head of HTS, IS a showman who attracts people by crying every day.This Chulani was a showman, and every day he dressed himself as the little guy bashar was crushing and the sad guy.Chulani often broadcast live, attracting a large number of fans, in the runny nose of the performance, many middle Eastern rich began to donate money to support Chulani.To put it bluntly, Chulani wants to clear his name, so this time, it may well be Chulani who finally sold him out.In exchange for U.S. support to continue fighting Syrian and Russian forces in northwestern Syria.The Russians and Syrians have tried to kill him several times, but they all fell short. This guy got away every time.Chulani was also desperate to find a new patron, so the unknown forces lurking around Qurahi, ready to ambush the American special forces, suddenly disappeared.Otherwise the Americans would be defeated if all the armed men in ambush opened fire.