Genting chess: An exceptional start!Can we still win chicken in a row?

2022-06-18 0 By

Standout, used to be our dream opener Hex, but in this version, everyone’s survivable, and with a standout, is it possible for us to go on a winning streak and eat chicken?It’s worth noting that we don’t need one star, we need at least two stars of Hex.It flies all unchained heroes, gives 400 health and a 60% attack speed bonus. This version of Drow invulnerability is already a big challenge.On the one hand, the survival ability of this book is very strong, on the other hand, Zhuo er is not a group of early lineup, now this stupid, everyone is fighting early, so zhuo er is not a group of consecutive more difficult.In order to win a winning streak in this stupid, it is necessary to use several heroes, starting with the werewolf, the Nobler, and the policewoman.Werewolf is to bring kasha equipment, resurrection armor, sheep knife and ghost book, in this equipment, ghost book can be given to the nuoshou, only to werewolf resurrection armor and sheep knife, in a match with other equipment.There is also a hero must be, that is the male sword.This lineup is indispensable, but also play outstanding must.The importance of this version of ghost book is very high, in the face of so many health recovery ability lineup, there is a ghost book and no ghost book, the gap is very big.What do you think?