A man who lost money playing a slot machine called the police and sent himself to jail

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Original title: God operation!During the Spring Festival holiday, people are busy getting together to relax, but some are looking for unconventional ways of “entertainment”.Zhang, who lives in Chengyang, was bored during the Chinese New Year by gambling on “slot machines”, but failed to make money, but sent himself to detention.At 5:00 PM on February 6, 2022, the 110 police of Xifu Town police Station received a call from zhang, a resident of the jurisdiction, that he was playing a “slot machine” in a supermarket on Wangsha Road, but the machine must have been manipulated by the boss, hoping that the police could help him get the money back.After receiving the police, the police quickly arrived at the site described by Zhang, but did not see him.After the telephone contact again, 5 minutes later, a man staggered from the opposite side of the road, after confirmation, is the report zhang mou.See the police, Zhang vomits “bitter water” by drinking, he told the police that he came to the supermarket to buy cigarettes, under the introduction of the boss learned that there are “slot machines” can be pastime.Oneself originally want to play two walk, can play 1400 yuan, but none time return this, think the machine certainly has malpractice, so want to report this shop, and hope the police give oneself certain report fee.Because Zhang mou is in a state of intoxication, the story is to be verified, police said to let it lead the way to the scene, the situation will be dealt with according to law.A line of people in Zhang led down to a nearby supermarket, police into the store after viewing found that the first floor and zhang described the “slot machine”.The police asked the boss whether there is a violation of the “slot machine”, and inform the boss of the illegal organization of gambling, the boss denied.Then the police insisted on going to the accommodation area on the second floor, and finally found a curtain covered “slot machine” in a shelter on the second floor.Police according to law to the “slot machine” for confiscation, and will store owner Sun mou and gambling Zhang Mou back to the place for further examination.In the police station, Sun confessed to just purchase “slot machine” soon, he is also in others’ induction purchase, did not expect to be so serious consequences.That afternoon, Zhang to the store to buy cigarettes, chatting during Zhang said that the New Year at home boring, he asked him euphemistically whether to play “slot machines”, Zhang readily promised, he will take it to the second floor.At present, the criminal sun mou, Zhang Mou have been detained by chengyang police administration according to law.Chengyang police remind: the use of “slot machines” gambling activities itself is illegal, placed in the shop, operating gambling games, also belongs to illegal behavior, light administrative punishment, heavy criminal responsibility, do not greedy for petty profits, by example.Please stay away from gambling consciously, and actively report gambling clues, purify the social atmosphere.Peninsula all media reporter Liu Yufan Bao Fuyu correspondent Li Ke