Xibian village held a three-cornered plum blossom calligraphy sketch exhibition

2022-06-17 0 By

On February 8th, xibian village held the calligraphy sketch exhibition of triangle plum flower club, and more than 50 pieces of works were exhibited in the exhibition by teachers and students from qiongtai normal university, hainan software vocational and technical college and other colleges and universities as well as provincial calligrapher’s association, calligrapher’s association of various cities and counties, teachers of primary and secondary schools in various cities and counties.Activity scene, colorful bangle surrounded by a series of flowing calligraphy works, kai, line, li, grass, seal characters and other bodies in the square inch of paper between the exhibition, flowers and calligraphy, to the xibian bookstore in early spring added a smart bright color.Wen Shengfei, who is in charge of xibian Cooperative, said that the book fair featured a piece of writing beside each flower, hoping that visitors could feel the “beautiful xibian” in the fragrance of flowers.It is understood that “calligraphy sketch” is the most primitive form of calligraphy in Chinese calligraphy. Relative to the masterpiece, it generally refers to the calligraphy style within three feet, including letters, squares, fans and so on. It has the characteristics of short and pithily, diversified forms and strong randomness of creation.Reporter: Zeng Junqian CAI Qinxian Man Editor: Peng Ying Man Supervised production: Weng Shiwu Chen Mingsi