Why did lu become a subjugated state?What are the implications of the system construction of the

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Duke Lu Jing succeeded Duke Lu Kang as the monarch of the country and reigned for 21 years until Duke Huan of Lu.His sixth brother is Duke Lu Yin, his third brother is Duke Lu Huan, and his fourth brother is Duke Lu Zhuang.In the seventh generation after the founding of the state, that is, in the 11th year of Duke Huan of Lu, the state was divided into lu, CAI and Qi.Duke Huan of Lu should have advocated the three Jin States and made the state stronger and stronger. Duke Zhuang of Lu should have played a role.As for the system construction of lu, it should also be very important.Why did Lu become a subjugation state?First of all, the death of Duke Wen of The State of Jin hit the strength of The state of Lu.The state of Lu seemed to have been annihilated.Then the jin was divided among the three states, and the Jin was gradually divided between wei and Zhao.Then, due to circumstances, Wei began to become powerful, and eventually became the eldest of the Three Jin States.Then Qi took advantage of the situation and took Lu by surprise.Finally, after Duke Xiang ascended the throne, Lu destroyed Qi.Even so, lu eventually succumbed.The exact historical reasons for this are not clear, but the emperor of Lu died a pitiful death.If you had served as the sovereign of another state, you would have been in a better position and would not have suffered any more calamities. However, with the death of Duke Wen of Jin, the state of Lu fell again.This is just one of the reasons, will these countries take advantage of their domestic instability to invade?I think so.But as your monarch in a foreign land who disrupted the development of your country and led to its downfall, I don’t think so.Maybe you don’t do well in their country, or there are things you don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean there’s no aggression, or they don’t sympathize with their country.Finally, if you are doing ok at home, within five generations your country may develop or you may have the strength to support it yourself.But finally chose to subjugation, no matter how powerful you are to subjugation.Can lu become a failed state and set up another state?Soon the new country may be your downfall.Can you make a history?You’re just leaving a history and not really leaving much behind.All power is hard earned.But every man in history has power.You may not be strong at home, but that’s the only way you can go to another country.This seems like a bogus question, but I’ll answer it anyway.From the perspective of cultural inheritance, all the sovereigns in the history of Lu state, no matter their country or the human race to which they belong, their behavior is detached from other countries, especially the country.This detachment, brief in history, will never disappear.It is this kind of detachment that creates lu, an ancient and charming state, leaving its descendants free to constantly create and interpret new things.From the point of view of politics, people endowed the state consciousness of the sovereign of Lu with a specific political form. Perhaps in the future, we will hardly see a country with a specific political form like Lu.In the monarch’s mind, the state of Lu currently establishes a virtual world, but the virtual world established is history, and history is the life experience of the monarch.