Linzi No. 1 Middle School: embrace winter Olympics burning dream youth

2022-06-17 0 By

On January 20, a middle school student from Linzi came to the ski resort and took part in the long-awaited skiing activity.With their own practical action, for the Beijing Winter Olympics power, for the Chinese team refueling!Although living in the north, many children are experiencing snowboarding at ski resorts for the first time.Everyone was excited.With their skateboards and skates, everyone was eager to try their hand.Sun Yuxiang and Wang Xiaohan, who had skiing experience, respectively explained the essentials of skiing and made a demonstration. We all raised our feet, clumsily dragged the skateboard and the stick to try to enter the snow.In the attempt, more and more students explored the tricks of skiing, began to bend down the stiff body, slowly slide up with the cane, the movement is more and more skilled.Bold, on the flat ground several rounds of sliding down, more and more skilled movement, more and more light posture.Accompanying parents said: “the children learn things, is to comprehend quickly!”Soon, ski “veteran” with a few students jumping on the elevator, want to try to slide down from the high slope of the “flying” feeling.Students participated in this experience with great enthusiasm.It exercised the students’ will to fight, enhanced their confidence to overcome themselves, and more importantly, cultivated the students’ interest in ice and snow sports.Excellent no.1 Middle school students with their own practical action to embrace the Winter Olympics, burning dream youth!(Wang Hongde, Li Jie,