Hospital fan cloud, disregard for life is wrong “Criminal Investigation files ii” unit: white symbol

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Gao Jie and Zhang Dayong wedding is coming, Gao Jie sent invitations to be a nurse friend Lin Caini.Gao Jie advised her friend not to continue such a relationship. Lin Caini was not willing to break up, but also said that the other party did not dare to abandon her. She had the other party’s handle on her hand.After trying on the wedding dress, Gao Jie received the news that Lin Caini “committed suicide” by jumping off a building. Gao Jie did not want to believe the “suicide” theory, and decided that Wang Zhongxin, who had an affair with Lin Caini, must have something to do with her friend’s death.Zhang Dayong felt that the relationship between Gao Jie and Lin Caini made gao Jie difficult to accept the news of his suicide, finally persuaded Gao Jie not to dig into it temporarily.Time came to Zhang Dayong and Gao Jie’s wedding. When Gao Jie was finishing her makeup, she suddenly found a sharp pain in the back of her neck. Subconsciously, she felt it and found a drop of blood on her glove.Later, gao Jie fainted without warning during the photo shoot.At this time, Ni Boyan, the president of the hospital where Wang zhongxin worked, passed by and sent Gao Jie to the hospital for “treatment”.Gao Jie began to fall into a coma.Such an accident at the wedding, being too country-specific and Gao Jie originally happy married life was forced to suspend, and was told Gao Jie brain have the shadow · · · · · · frustrated being too country-specific back to watching the wedding video, found that Gao Jie when finishing of makeup look, someone behind after, back is very similar with Mr. Ong…… this time,Zhang Dayong began to suspect that Gao Jie’s coma might be caused by man.After the examination of the doctor introduced by Ye Ziqing, it was found that Gao Jie’s brain did not have the shadow as Ni Boyyan said, but was injected with excessive sedatives, and there may be unpredictable sequelae for Gao Jie’s body.Smell words, furious Zhang Dayong wanted to catch Ni Boyan for Gao Jie to get justice.Did not expect ni Boyyan has been found Chen body in the park, wearing a doctor’s white coat, chest with a scalpel.Ni Boyan wife in the police repeatedly questioned, just say recently Ni Boyan received a phone call, the other claimed that Ni Boyan misdiagnosed his wife caused his wife died.Ni Boyyan to cover up, trying to buy each other with money.Did not think then Wang Zhongxin was also killed, the death technique with Ni Boyyan the same… Zhang Dayong, Li Zhongyi and others to find out the whole case.Originally, NiBoYan, Mr. Ong because work error, has killed He Chengcai wife Su Caiyu, misdiagnosis yong-jian zhou’s wife li mei xian, this matter was having an affair and Mr. Ong nurse Lin Caini that Lin Caini in retaliation for Mr. Ong, will inform yong-jian zhou, yong-jian zhou provoke people don’t quote Lin Caini downstairs, and design to kill NiBoYan, Mr. Ong,He Chengcai is also the victim.In order to prevent Gao Jie from continuing the investigation, she attacked gao Jie at her wedding and took advantage of her position to inject gao Jie with excessive sedation, which resulted in Gao Jie’s “amnesia” (can overdose sedation cause amnesia?).Finally can not remember Zhang Dayong gao Jie chose to emigrate with family, “Yong Jie” difficult concentric, the next emotional line is more dog blood.Last weak weak ground to say, why the case at the time of this series, and even in the present or above average, although some “reference” dispute, but I can see you writers have work, is not a copy, in some cases front to the back of the bedding, such as in front of the punishment Ⅱ “Xie Feng assistant will take care of Xie Feng” in the plot,Has been behind Gao Jie sister Gao Min and Xie Feng “death notice” unit case foreshadowing;And plot appears in front of the “LanJiaWen nightmare”, “European style architectural drawings” for “truth” behind the unit case, but emotional line why want to design so “complex”, see the barrage of many in the audience in the brush similar to the “fast forward to the case” speech, all know that most of the audience is not appreciate such feelings line?