Warm heart!The tricycle rolled over in the street, and passers-by came forward to help

2022-06-16 0 By

Ping Bao Rong media reporter Niu Chao February 13 noon, downtown streets, an old lady riding a tricycle turn, accidentally overturned, the old lady fell to the ground.Passers-by saw and came forward to help…This warm heart scene was passing by the citizens shang Hao day with mobile phone shot.Shang Haotian, 24, is a recent graduate.According to Shang Haotian, it happened near the intersection of Lingyun Road and Zhanbei Road in the city.When the old lady calmed down, they helped her to the side of the road and sat down beside her teeth to rest, and helped her clean up the overturned tricycle.At the same time, a passer-by called 120 for help and told the old lady to go to the hospital for a check-up.After that, everyone left.”It really touched me when I saw everyone helping the old lady.”‘The man in the yellow cotton-padded jacket, in particular, is less than 30 years old and feels like a doctor, especially professional,’ Said Mr. Shang.Editor: Cheng Guangrong