Today’s food sharing | cold spinach, green food, nutrition and delicious!

2022-06-16 0 By

Hefei Jinhui · Yunmanxijing Garden, today to share with you the food is – cold spinach!Here’s a homemade recipe for coldspinach, and follow the steps to make the most authentic coldspinach for any novice.The following Hefei Jinhui · Cloud manxi Garden to teach you this food practice!1. Clean the spinach and boil the water. Blanch the spinach.2. To blanch spinach, chop garlic into minced pieces and combine light soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, chicken essence and garlic to make a sauce.3. Blanch spinach, over a side of cold water, control the dry water, oil 50 into the heat of the Chinese prickly ash, burst the fragrance, the Chinese prickly ash into the bowl and throw away, will be evenly scattered on the spinach, and then sprinkle the Chinese prickly ash oil, stir evenly.4. Mix well and serve!Hefei Jinhui · Cloud Manxi Garden TIPS: Pepper need not put much, easy to bitter.