The latest news!A temporary traffic control was implemented in Xiaodian district of Taiyuan city from 5 o ‘clock on April 6

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According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Taiyuan (taiyuan, the same below) and the decision of the Municipal Leading Group for COVID-19 prevention and control, strict prevention and control measures will be taken for the whole Xiaodian District (the epidemic prevention area), with strict access control for vehicles and personnel.The relevant requirements are hereby announced as follows: 1. From 5 o ‘clock on April 6th, temporary traffic control will be implemented in and out of the shop area (the lifting time will be notified later), vehicles and personnel can only enter and leave.2. Traffic control bayonet shall be set up by the public security department in the main road at the boundary of the small shop area.Special vehicles such as police cars, fire engines, ambulances, garbage trucks, epidemic prevention and control vehicles, water supply and power supply vehicles and funeral vehicles will be released.Support vehicles related to basic materials for urban living and emergency supplies for prevention and control will be allowed to pass after verification of passage certificates, negative nucleic acid tests within 24 hours, and wearing masks after code temperature testing.Personnel involved in epidemic prevention and control, such as tracing the source of epidemic control, law enforcement inspection, nucleic acid sampling and urban operation support, should present valid work certificates, check the temperature and code, wear masks, and let their vehicles pass.For emergency medical treatment and other special circumstances, the community (village) shall be responsible for contacting hospitals and other institutions in advance and arranging special transport vehicles for “point-to-point” transfer. If necessary, 120 shall be responsible for transport or public security traffic police shall guide the escort.Boundary of other roads to implement territorial responsibility, by the small store area is responsible for sealing control control.Keep access to airport and south railway Station.1. Taiyuan Airport route: City — Binhe East and West Road — Longcheng Street — airport elevated — airport drop-off area.2, Taiyuan South Station route off: City – Binhe East, West Road – Longcheng Street – Tai Yu Road – South station west Square.City – binhe East, west road – Longcheng Street – Tai Yu Road – station North street – North Beiying road – South station east square.Return: West Square of South station — turn right into Taiyu Road — turn north onto Taiyu Road jinyang Interchange shaped platform — turn south into Taiyu Road — turn right into Longcheng Street — Binhe East and West Road — downtown.South station east square – turn right into Taihang Road – into Longcheng Street – Binhe east road, west road – downtown.4. Residents in the small shop area are not allowed to leave the area if it is not necessary.V. Non-store area residents do not enter the store area if it is not necessary. Those who enter the store area will be assigned code management, and the health code will be assigned yellow code.6. Those who refuse to enforce epidemic prevention and control measures and force passage through the country will be dealt with in accordance with the law, and those who are suspected of committing crimes will be investigated for legal responsibility.Vii. According to the situation of epidemic prevention and control, control measures shall be adjusted dynamically and made public in a timely manner.Office of Taiyuan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group April 6, 2022 Source: Shanxi Radio and TELEVISION