Marriage is not a joke, divorce should be careful

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Do you know what the most legal questions are after the Spring Festival every year?To cut to the chase, that is, about the divorce.And the consultation mainly initiated by the woman, the woman now become the main force of marriage and family cases is very worthy of the society and the man to think deeply.In fact, many problems have accumulated before the Spring Festival.Because of time and concept and other reasons, the parties put off the resolution of contradictions until after the Spring Festival, so it is said that marriage and family cases after the Spring Festival consultation is the most cases registered.For divorce by agreement, Article 1077 of the Civil Code stipulates a cooling-off period for marriage, which gives the parties a cooling-off time to think about solving their marriage problems. The period is 30 days, which has changed the situation that both parties can directly apply for a license on the same day when they go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to negotiate divorce.The law puts a brake on the hurried divorce process in order to stabilize social and family life.For litigious divorce, except for the five cases in which divorce should be adjudicated under Article 1079 of the Civil Code, the first litigious divorce will not be granted by the general court.Divorce shall be granted only if mediation fails under any of the following circumstances: (1) bigamy or cohabitation with another person;(2) to commit domestic violence or maltreat or abandon a family member;(3) to have such bad habits as gambling and drug addiction and remain incorrectable;(4) having lived apart for at least two years due to emotional discord;(5) other circumstances leading to the breakdown of affection between husband and wife.The various restrictions on divorce made by national laws are also for the sake of social stability.Marriage is not a child’s play, divorce should be careful, men and women, especially the male should for the sake of the family, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, joint efforts to resist external temptation, jointly create a harmonious and civilized new family.