Horned melon egg dumplings do better, might as well try

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Family members are not very fond of horn melon, but they all feel very delicious after making the stuffing. Old ingredients horn melon (zucchini) medium 4 eggs 3 flour 3 small basin of light soy sauce appropriate amount of oil appropriate amount of thirteen spices a small amount of oyster sauce appropriate amount of salt a small amount of fungus a small handful of dried mushroom eight or nine stepsMust repeatedly make dry (normal should cut the cutoff point, the foam can) 2 egg liquid, thermal oil, fry 3, dry mushroom soak hair spray, cut, fry 4, black fungus soaked, shred 5, mixed together, plus 13 sweet a little bit, a bit of light soy sauce, oyster sauce, can taste the flavor, words to add a little salt in June, making dumplings, and steps before sent out,Do not repeat 7, cooked 8, delicious oh 9, delicious tips can also add shrimp skin, my home do not eat so did not add horn melon must be pinched dry water cooking delicious skills, each of my dishes have small tricks, we search “bean fruit” can directly view my recipe!Bookmark and follow this recipe if you like!Feel free to share your suggestions for this dish in the comments below.