Gu Man braves the wind and waves back!Force pressure “thirteen years of frozen soil” into a list, long separation gao Gan wen reunion

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Dear readers, many book fans are suffering from a shortage of books these days, and I, a long-time fan, feel the same way.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!# Book shortage # Xiaoling today to recommend: Gu Man braves the wind and waves back!Force presses “13 years frozen ground” become list one, long separation meet again gao Gan article first “13 years frozen ground” author: Yu Qi introduce: Zhao Lei falls in love at first sight to beauty Zhang Shuo, do not know this beauty however is a man originally.The pursuit of the road is often a mistake, he for Zhang Shuo, throw away their dignity, all their own, but finally in return for betrayal, heart as dead ashes.She was about to turn around when Zhao Lei came to her senses and said, “I see you’ve got some hair on the back of your shirt.”The girl reached behind her and scratched twice, but nothing was caught.Zhao Lei felt a little embarrassed, but the girl was totally unconcerned: “Thanks, I’ll do it later.”With that she turned her head away.Zhao Lei still think to say what time, behind suddenly spread several shout.”The boss!Why are you waiting in line?”Lei Xiangdong look back, his that four younger brother pidian pidian ran over, smiling to ask him: “you this zha boss?You said you were going to fall in love?People?”Zhao Lei’s head was swollen under the chattering of his younger brothers, but he could not shout at them in front of the girl he liked, for fear that the girl would have a bad impression of him.The second book “his xiaoJiu” author: Make clear shallow introduction: my body is flowing evil blood, but my soul is always yearning for light.The moment I put on the police uniform, the body is burdened with justice and responsibility, even if in front of the mountains of fire, also have to bite their teeth.Looking at Chen Hui took the report out, he glanced at the unhappy Han Jingyu in the corner, pulled a chair and sat down, and asked: “How a pair of withered vegetables?”Han Jingyu: “did not expect idol unexpectedly drug, bad mood.””Poor eyes, I don’t blame you.”Wei Dongyu buried himself in the drawer to dig out the package of new smoke, said while dismantling.”Chief, you less point, consider the health of a female comrade!”Wei Dongyu diao cigarette raise eyebrow to ask: “two Chen Hui all beat but the female comrade?””……”Han Jingyu got up and opened the window, expressionless said: “FORGOT to tell you, the season bureau will come over.”Wei Dongyu lit up the action of a cigarette, bitterly put the cigarette back into the cigarette box, said: “get, you win!”Han Jingyu smiled: “Concession!”Wei Dongyu threw the cigarette box back to the drawer, the whole person stuck into the back of the chair: “don’t be compassionate, he Yan things are not over.”The third “you are my glory” author: Gu Man Gu Man ride the wind and waves return!Ten years have passed, qiao Jingjing’s unexpected starlight shines brightly, but the male god who rejected her in high school seems to have vanished all the people…Time flies, you still shine in my heart, can I be your glory?It’s Qiao Jingjing.They haven’t seen each other for ten years since the college entrance examination.Wonderful content: “I finally know yu Tu this ten thousand years archer dog why this unexpectedly hit single, CAI Wenji a little pit.”Qiao Jingjing: “…”Qiao Jingjing had no time to depressed, a long-lost voice rang out in the other end: “You think more, I just give you a demonstration of the correct zhuge Liang play.”Low voice, slightly with a sense of ridicule.Qiao Jingjing had a momentary lapse of consciousness.Just at that moment, the other man came out of nowhere and knocked half a tube of blood out of CAI Wenji, who was standing in the middle of the road.Each other in the single high gradually from also closely followed close, open approach, CAI Wenji instant was destroyed.He screamed and ran for his life: “Eighty thousand men!”However, it was too late. Under the siege of the other three, the Crispy Shooter died after two whisks.In the single Zhuge Liang Yutu dao medicine originally went on the road to support, to the road is a step late, he also fell into the other three encirclement.At this time, although the other side of the wild has broken blood, but the master and the single but still have half of the blood.Qiao jingjing lay on the ground, thinking zhuge Liang would also die.Who knows zhuge Liang a go a big trick, directly harvested the head of the wild, then with five passive blunt face destroyed high gradually from.That’s all for today’s recommendation. 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