A new batch of building unsealed!Fung Tak issues Circular No. 17

2022-06-16 0 By

According to the spirit of COVID-19 Community Prevention and Control Plan under the Joint Prevention and Control mechanism of The State Council, according to the expert assessment, part of the containment areas in Our district have met the conditions for lifting the containment.With the approval of quanzhou Emergency Headquarters for the Prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, the Headquarters for the Prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Fengze District, Quanzhou City has decided that, starting from April 2, 2022, the quarantine measures for novel Coronavirus pneumonia shall be implemented at 204 Shanyuan Road, No.1 Building, Zhongrunjiayuan, Beifeng Street, Fengze District;Building 7, Huada Taihe Capital, Hua Dajie Road;Unit 1, Building 1, Ruixiang East Garden, Donghu Street;No. 66, Dongxia Street, Fengze Street, North Ladder of Hongyi Building, Building 1, Century Star star, No. 2, Miaoyun Street, No. 22, 67, 71, Jintoupu Road, Fugui Family Ladder A, Building 4, Building 12, Yingjin New Village, Junyi Building, No. 50, Lane 38, Houban Street, No. 410, Dongtu Community;Building F, Sunshine Paris Phase II, Unit 4, Azure Coast, Building F, Building 2, Xinxing Commercial and Residential Building 1, Building 23, Dahuai New Village;Stairs 3, Building 14, Baolong Garden Phase ii, Qingyuan Street; Stairs 1, Building 8, Waterfront Holiday; Stairs C, Fufa Building, Fudi Xihu; No. 212, Maoxing Road; No. 126, Huanqing Road.Unsealing does not mean lifting the prevention and control measures. After unsealing the area, residents should carry out health management for seven days, including daily temperature self-measurement and health monitoring. They should not go out of the community, go to public places, gather or gather together.Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and control Department, Fengze District, Quanzhou City. 2 April 2022