A group of foreigners have raised $1.5 million to buy an uninhabited island in the Caribbean.

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An uninhabited tropical island off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean has been dubbed “Coffee Caye” for its resemblance to Coffee beans.Coffee Island is 1.2 acres, and it won’t take long to cross on foot.But an island of this kind has already been bought by someone from abroad and “has its own country, even a flag, anthem and police.”Back in 2018, a group of people started a project called “Let’s Buy an Island” for the purpose of crowdfunding.By December 2019, the project had raised £190,000 (1.9 million yuan).When you have the money, you have to choose the land.In the end, the group opted for Coffee Island, just a 15-minute boat ride from Belize, and paid £137,000.”Who wouldn’t want an island of their own?Trust me, when you set foot on an island you’ve paid for, it’s an amazing feeling you never forget.”When Gareth Johnson bought the domain name Let’s Buy an Island 15 years ago, he thought it sounded like fun.After years of research, the group tried something new and realized it was more realistic to just buy an island.So began the “Let’s Buy an Island” crowdfunding campaign.Those who take part in the crowdfunding campaign can buy a share for £2,480, which gives them a vote in the micro-nation.As well as those willing to pay that much, 249 participants paid just £15 to gain “citizenship” – but they did not get a vote.Mr Johnson once said: “Who doesn’t dream of owning a private island?Especially in the post-Trump era, post-Brexit era, post-pandemic era, if this project can make the dreams of ordinary people come true, what’s so bad?”Johnson even joked that he had a special role on the island as “head of the secret police.”This year, Marshall Mayer visited Coffee Island for the first time, camping with a group of investors and tourists.Of course, after the founding of the country, coffee Island also set some special rules, such as no single-use plastics — because coffee Island is actually under Belize’s jurisdiction.In short, this “micro-nation” is really just a game of make-believe by the people themselves, with real rules to follow in real life anyway.The topic of this paper is: The Golden Godi penguin.Edit: Miss Balls