“Zhuangzi” the world: Confucius talked about the way of dealing with people, as expected, the height and realm is too extraordinary

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This is a dialogue between Ye Gongzi Gao and Confucius in Zhuangzi · The World.It was Zhuangzi who, through the mouth of Confucius, expounded the concrete application of the principle of dao in the human world.In the last video, Yan Hui asked Confucius for advice, and Confucius taught yan Hui the “method of heart Zhai” to use things.In the dialogue with Ye Gong Zi Gao, Confucius gave different principles and thoughts on how to deal with people.Lord ye high the problem is: he triumphed to qi, there is concern about the success or failure, interests, and personal credit, which actually is the common fault of the world, we in life, if you have these things outside, will certainly affect the person’s inner state of mind, not in the state of the subjective world with pure prudence to cope with the objective world.As a sage, Confucius stood naturally much higher than Ye Childe, and his realm was even more extraordinary.Therefore, Confucius sorted out what Ye Gong Zi Gao had done when he asked for advice, and then took Zi Gao out of the matter from a higher point of view to show zi Gao the matter.More importantly, Confucius understood the human weakness of Ye Gong Zigao, the Angle of the world and the law of the expression of “evil” in human nature, so as to guide Ye Gong Zigao to abide by the objective law, to be practical and realistic, and to be able to undertake his work without violating his own heart.This is a very clever point of Confucius.When Prince Gao, the duke of Ye, sent an envoy to the state of Qi, he asked Zhong Ni, saying, “The king has made the beams very heavy.Qi zhi will treat the emissary with great respect, but Gai will be in no hurry.Every man still can not move also, and the situation vassal!I shuddered.Zi often said to Zhu Liang, ‘If everything is small and big, it will be achieved with joy.If not, there will be human suffering;If it happens, there will be Yin and Yang.If become if not then have no patient, only virtue can.My food is rough and not homestay, and has no homestay.Today I am ordered to drink ice, my inner heat and!I am not in the mood for things and have Yin and Yang!If things fail, there will be humanitarian disaster, two also.The minister is not enough to be appointed, the son has to language I come!”Zi Gao, the duke of Ye, was appointed by the sovereign to send a diplomatic mission to the state of Qi. Before he left, he asked Confucius for advice: “The king sent me to the state of Qi as the head of this mission. I know I have a heavy responsibility.The state of Qi treats emissaries with respect on the surface, but in the heart it is contemptuous.As for lobbying, ordinary people may not be tempted, let alone the vassals of Qi!In this regard, I am very worried.I heard you often say to me, “Few things, big or small, can be achieved without pleasurable verbal communication.If it is not done, it will be punished by the king;If things are done, there will be a mixture of sorrow and joy brewed out of the scourge.No matter whether it is successful or not, there is no disaster, only the virtue of thick people can achieve.I am a pure person who eats only plain food and has no desire inside.Now I’m ordered to drink ice water in the morning and drink ice water in the evening. I have an internal fire!I have not yet accomplished it, and there is already a mixture of sorrow and joy!If I fail, I will be punished by the sovereign. Success and failure are the two results.As a minister, I am not enough to shoulder this heavy responsibility. Please give me some guidance.”Zhong Ni said, “There are two great precepts under heaven: one for life, the other for righteousness.Son of love, life also, not in the heart;The matter of the minister king, righteousness also, not suitable and not the king also, no escape between heaven and earth.It is the great Ring.With the husband matters its parents, do not choose the place and Ann, filial piety to also;The husband of its king, do not choose things and the security, the sheng loyalty also;Since the matter of the heart, not easy to apply before sorrow and joy, know its helpless and Ann if life, to also.A subject, inherent necessity.Act of love and forget its body, what leisure as yue life and evil death!The teacher can do!Confucius said, “there are two principles which are sufficient for precepts under heaven: one is destiny and the other is morality.”To be the parent of one’s children and to love one’s own parents, this is the nature endowed by the destiny of man, which cannot be solved from the heart of the complex;As a vassal to work for the sovereign, and do their duty, this is moral.There is no subject that is not ruled by a king, and this is the inevitable reality of the world.These are all very big precepts.Therefore, people who serve their parents, no matter what situation they are in, should make them comfortable, which is the highest level of filial piety;He who works for the king does not choose what he does, but does his duty with ease. This is the highest sign of loyalty.People who pay attention to self-cultivation, sad and happy things do not affect the mood, know that in the helpless situation to settle down, this is the performance of morality to the extreme.As a vassal of the king, although sometimes things will have to do, do things can be true to the investment will forget their own interests and safety, how can also produce because of love for life and hate death mentality?Wouldn’t it be all right if you could do that?I would like you to repeat what you have heard: every friend who is near will be trustworthy, and every friend who is far away will be faithful.He will say it or tell it.Husband preach two words of joy and anger, the world’s sufferers also.Both joy will overflow with words of beauty, and both anger will overflow with words of evil.All overflow such as false, false is the letter of the mo, mo is a rumor.Therefore, the dharma said, ‘If the common feeling is transmitted, and the overflow is not transmitted, it will be almost complete.’And to skillfully fight force, beginning from Yang, often pawn on Yin, Tai to more kat;Drink with ceremony, beginning to cure, often died disorderly, Tai to the more strange music.Everything is also the beginning of understanding, often pawn on contempt;Its beginning is short, its end will be great.The speaker, the storm also;Walker, real loss also.The storm is easy to move, real loss is easy to danger.So there is no reason to set up, blartful words.Animal dead do not choose sound, breath then and heart li.Gram nuclear too to, there will be an unworthy heart should not know it is also.Who knows the end if he does not know what he is!Therefore, the Dharma said, ‘There is no shifting order and no persuasion.Too much is good.A change of advice ends in danger.Beauty into a long time, evil into less than change, but inadvertently with!And the husband by things to swim the heart, to have to raise, to.What a reward!Is it fatal, the victim?”However, let me share with you the experience I have heard: in our dealings with our neighbors, we must engage in good faith so that our peoples can trust each other.When communicating with distant countries, loyalty must be expressed through language to win mutual support.Words must be interchangeable.However, it is the most difficult thing in the world to deliver the words of the two sovereigns.Words that convey the joy of the two sovereigns are bound to add a lot of over-the-top praise.To convey the angry words of the two sovereigns is to add a lot of excessive hatred.Any language of excess and the like is false, and since it is false, its credibility is doubtful, doubtful, and woe to the hearsay.Therefore, the old adage says: deliver plain and reasonable language, not too vain, and you will save yourself.Moreover, those who wrestle with each other with their wits are bright and peaceful at first, but in the process they often die of mutual cunning and malice, and at the extremity they are overcome by cunning and intrigue;People who drink with manners and rules, who start out well behaved, often end up in a state of disarray, and end up in a state of excess.As is the case with all things, what begins with understanding and confidence is often ended with mutual deceit;It begins simple and subtle, and by the time it ends it must be complicated and complicated.Words are like waves driven by the wind;When you do things, you win and you lose.The storm is easy to turbulence, with gains and losses will easily lead to the situation of crisis.Therefore, there is no other cause for the outburst of anger, but the rhetoric is false and one-sided.When a fierce beast is captured by man, it cries out in its dying voice, its breath is angry, and evil thoughts of wounding arise from the heart.If you criticize too much, there will be bad ideas from the heart, and do not know how to produce.If did oneself also do not know why thing, who knows this thing can have what good result?Hence the old adage: do not alter at will what you have given.Don’t persuade others to do more than they can do.Talk, do too much, will become redundant.Changing orders and persuading people to do more than they can do makes things dangerous.It takes a long time to accomplish a good deed, and it’s too late to repent of a wrong deed.Can we, then, not act prudently?Moreover, we have done well to use our minds in accordance with the laws of nature, to place ourselves in what is necessary, and to nurture our peace in peace.There is no heart to think of return!Why would it be so hard to tell you exactly what your sovereign has given you?Realistic thinking: In this section, When Confucius taught Ye Gong Zi Gao how to behave in the world, there are several things that we can learn from today.One is that Confucius told The Duke of Ye, Zi Gao, “A subject must be forced to be a subject.Act of love and forget its body, what leisure as yue life and evil death!The teacher can do!That is to say, in the process of dealing with the world, we should overcome the narrow-minded and selfish psychology of safety and security from the bottom of our hearts, but put all our hearts into doing things.Confucius’ words, in fact, are useful to us today’s world.You may have such experience, whenever we do a thing, if the idea in our heart is too complicated, especially if we are too selfish before doing things, considering interests, safety and gain and loss, often no one can do things well.It’s the people who put their heart and soul into what they’re doing and just want to get it right.It’s easy to get things done.The second lesson is that Confucius said to Gao, the Lord of Ye, “Beauty takes a long time to become good, while evil becomes bad sooner than it can be changed.And the husband by things to swim the heart, by necessity to raise, to.”This sentence is also the punchline of this section. It is zhuangzi’s telling us the objective law that we must follow in the process of dealing with the world.The meaning of Confucius’ words is very clear, that is, if you want to achieve good things, it takes time to accumulate, often not in a short time can be done.But the bad thing, once produced, the bad influence has already produced, regret to want to correct that is too late.Therefore, it tells us that we must always keep a cautious mind in the process of doing things.At the same time, we should follow the objective law, which is “taking things to swim the mind”. And when the subjective world cannot control the objective world, we should keep the inner stability and watch the changes, so as to grasp the initiative and do everything well.Confucius’ words are of great value and significance to us in this world, and are worth learning from.The value and significance of this paragraph lies in that Confucius knew as early as 2500 years ago to deal with the relationship between the subjective world and the objective world in the way of “seeking truth from facts”.This point of view is a philosophical thought put forward by Chairman MAO Zedong, as well as a concrete methodology applied to objective practice.No matter ancient or modern, no matter sage or mortal, must follow this objective law.If we want to get anything done in society, we need to have a long-term plan for what we do, and be patient, persistent, and persistent.Be delicate in mind, be careful in behavior, avoid fatal mistakes.Especially before the success of things, you should keep your mind and God from being influenced by some external interests and personnel. If you can do so, you will achieve something.Some laws, it now seems, are as common as ever, even after thousands of years.Wouldn’t it be great if we could put aside what we already know and listen to the “secret of tao” preached by Zhuangzi 2,500 years ago and apply it to our own lives?As for zhuangzi’s interpretation, Fu Pei-rong, a teacher from Taiwan, has a unique interpretation Angle. You can read it if you are interested.