Yangwan town: town and village cadres take to the streets to clear snow to ensure the safety of the masses

2022-06-15 0 By

Snow blankets Yangwan Town in Wangjiang County, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, Feb. 7, 2019.Although the snow scenery is beautiful, but affected by the snow weather, the temperature is low, and the snow and ice cover blocked many traffic arteries, bringing inconvenience to the masses and vehicles.Less than 8 o ‘clock, the town will quickly organize organs and village cadres and workers to go to the streets of duty snow clearing, town leaders led town and village cadres to their responsible sections, ice removal, to create a safe travel environment.Nie Na-qin, party secretary of Yangwan Town, said: “The road is too slippery, bringing inconvenience to the masses and vehicles, anjiu highway is an important road to the county, to minimize the impact of rain and snow disaster weather, to ensure the smooth road, to ensure the safety of the masses travel!”Snow cleaning scene in full swing, we swing shovels full of energy, not afraid of cold, not afraid of hard, seriously clean up the road snow, for the masses to open up a safe warm heart of the road.At about 9 o ‘clock, the number of people traveling gradually increased, and the town and village cadres took the time to clean up the remaining snow, while urging the car owners to drive slowly and carefully.After nearly three hours of cleaning, anjiu highway and the surrounding town road unblocked up.This voluntary snow clearing activity greatly facilitates the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, disperses the cold in winter for people, and becomes a warm current in winter.(Correspondent: Lee Sixian)