Relationship between love and home, how to choose?

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In the relationship between the sexes, not every couple of lovers can be married. The person who shares the bed with them may not be the one they love most.All said that since two people can not become husband and wife, let forget this paragraph of love to start again, but once beautiful, has been in the heart of the imprint, there are a few people can be free and easy to forget.Past feelings will only fade over time, rational people will regard the past as a good memory, focus on the present life.It is not a good thing to keep in mind the old love. It seems to be a deep love, but in fact it is not responsible for life and unfair to the current lover.It is understandable that people have some or some old love, since two people failed to work out, it shows that two people are not suitable and there is no fate together, love to accompany you now is the right way.Speaking of old love, I have to say that in my student days, love was romantic and beautiful, but the reality is that most people end up going their separate ways because of various reasons.Attended the classmate party all know, after many years to get together again, some people expect to see her in the heart, which also provides a suitable soil for the old love to reignite, how many families because of the classmate party marriage breakdown, here warned everyone to participate in carefully, how many only for the classmate friendship and go, most of the ulterior motives.In a relationship, couples may not because of love, love the people do not necessarily is husband and wife in reality, the more people who can’t get more, with their people don’t know to cherish, this is the common fault that so many people, old difficult is to oneself of torture, life in the old memories and the past, will only cause adverse effect to the following life.In the relationship between the sexes, although the old love did not become husband and wife, but not necessarily two people are not in love, and marriage may just be because reality has nothing to do with love.Rekindling is the biggest impact on a marriage, which is very different from cheating, because cheating can be corrected in a timely manner when a mistake is made.Rekindling an old relationship is based on love, so you face a dilemma: love or family?Some people think, for the sake of love scattered this home, establish a family again, so really can end acacia bitter fulfill wish can happiness?Tell you, this kind of practice and idea are wrong, failed to go together at the outset, present union predestination also may not be able long, two people also may not suit to do husband and wife, moreover, old affection rekindle is concerned with the fate of two families, really for love you can unrestrained leave without care and yearning.As the saying goes, a couple hundred days grace, and the love of the people you live, you just ignore, the feelings established in this life is the most real, you have to love the wish, then there will be more care and give up, let you sad regret.If you can’t control your feelings, you should stay away from the soil of rekindled love, and you should face life realistically. You should make efforts for your family and lover, so that the feelings can be deeply tamped down.Conclusion: normally any love outside of marriage should not happen, but really facing the choice, home is the right choice, the so-called love is unknown bets.