Qin Baoqiang stressed when investigating the situation of epidemic prevention and control and production resumption of enterprises in Linying County

2022-06-15 0 By

On the afternoon of April 4, Mayor Qin Baoqiang visited Panpan Food Luohe Branch, Henan Haofeng Food Co., LTD., Henan Yujiang Food Co., LTD., nanjiecun Food Industrial Park in Linying County industrial cluster area to supervise the epidemic prevention and control work and investigate the resumption of production of enterprises.City leaders Zhou Xinhe, Yu Wei attended.”How many people are currently employed?How much capacity has been restored?What are the difficulties to be resolved?”Qin Baoqiang first came to Panpan Food Luohe Branch to have a detailed understanding of the epidemic prevention and control, closed management and product sales of the company. He asked Linying County and relevant departments to solve the problems reported by the company as soon as possible and help the company release high-quality production capacity.Later, Qin baoqiang went to Haofeng Food, Yujiang Food and Nanjiecun Food Industrial Park, where he had in-depth exchanges with enterprise leaders, encouraging enterprises to strengthen their confidence in development, make joint efforts to overcome difficulties, speed up the pace of resumption of work and production on the premise of strict epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.Qin pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Zhuhai is stabilizing, but we must not be complacent and learn lessons from the situation to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control is “foolproof”.Plans for the resumption of work and production of enterprises should be promptly formulated. In accordance with the principle of “application by enterprises, assessment by experts and study by the headquarters,” solid preparations, guidance and supervision should be made for the resumption of work and production to prevent the loss of control and leakage of control.Enterprises should strictly fulfill their primary responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and work safety, adhere to the principle of “wearing masks to work”, and make greater efforts to take thorough measures such as screening of employees, nucleic acid testing and registration, TCM prevention, containment management and safety inspection, so as to form a complete and closed chain of prevention and control.Efforts should be intensified to open up special logistics channels, set up special transfer areas, and formulate the enterprise personnel and vehicles point-to-point management standards as soon as possible.All levels and departments should, based on the development needs of enterprises, provide advanced services and adopt comprehensive policies, pay close attention to the supply of raw materials, capital and employment guarantee of enterprises, speed up the implementation of policies benefiting enterprises, and take more practical and effective measures to promote the gradual and comprehensive resumption of production and work of enterprises.