Li Jiu Chao words boiling!Ace commentator Li Jiu returns to KPL, looking forward to commentating wolves vs eStar

2022-06-15 0 By

In this KPL spring game, fans still could not see commentary Li Jiu figure, but is the former QGhappy head coach Lao Lin active, frequent comments on wolves and other teams games and performance.Many fans are also calling for The return of Li Jiu, hoping that he can come back to the commentary stage, after all, the entire KPL league, in terms of passion and speaking ability, is not much better than Li Jiu.Perhaps the fans are too loud, there is a revelation, commentary li Jiu is really coming back!Li Jiu, the little friends must be very familiar with, from the first KPL league, Li Jiu is the official commentary, each SESSION of the KPL finals, basically there will be Li Jiu figure.His commentary is very passionate, and his understanding of the game is quite in place, especially in each finals, after the team won the championship, he would impromptu poem, almost become a beautiful scenery of the finals, without Li Jiu’s passionate explanation, many fans feel a lot of light.With his fans’ love and talent, Li jiu has won many awards in the KPL League, such as KPL’s Best commentator of the Year, KPL’s most popular commentator, and being inducted into the Star Hall.In short, Lee Gu is a KPL commentator with both popularity, strength and honor.But since last season, Lee has gradually disappeared from the KPL stage, explaining only about one round of the regular season before being completely hidden and rarely seen by fans.This is also lee Nine absence KPL game commentary the longest time, almost nearly half a year of time.As for why he stayed away from KPL, Li Jiu explained that he did not want to go back and had been invited to return by his leaders, but he felt that he had not fully settled himself and wanted to adjust again.If you really don’t want to come back, why do you broadcast the lower-level games like the secondary league and the college league?Even some entertainment games, Li Jiu will explain, this and KPL games are not on the same level.Although we do not know the real reason why Li Jiu was hidden, but after we know that Li Jiu will return, we are still very happy, now his super words have boiling, many iron fans are discussing the return of Li Jiu, some melon owners also broke the news, so it seems that the credibility is not low.After Lee’s absence, the KPL league tried to cultivate some new commentators, but they were not as good as lee and other veteran commentators.In the field control ability, game understanding, mood and other aspects, are not as good as bottles, Li Jiu these commentary, perhaps this is one of the reasons KPL alliance wants to bring Li Jiu back.So, if Li Jiu does come back, which game do you want him to broadcast more?Most fans expect him to talk about eStarPro vs Wolves, which is probably the best game in recent memory.These two teams are the most powerful teams in KPL league, and this match is not only for the first place in GROUP S, but also for eStarPro to catch up with and surpass BA team, and set the highest record of winning streak in KPL.Of course, the return of Li Jiu is only the owner of the news, as for whether or when he will return, there is no official announcement.Do you expect Li Jiu to return to KPL?