“I have had different feelings for welfare homes since CHILDHOOD”!Stick to 24 years, she is the old people common good daughter

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One hundred years is the prime of life.The year 2021 marks the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).In Hunan, which has a glorious revolutionary tradition, the daughter of Hunan, with the sonorous spirit of “mind the world, dare to be the first”, played a song of progress, the song of dedication, emerged a large number of female vanguard party members.The female yao openning – beginner’s mind, transfer papers to his mind, striving after article series, provincial women’s federation launched again women yao, openning pioneer, his mind – “party pioneer example” special report, women’s party pioneer story for you, to show the mission they mind home countries and explorations, dare to pursue, at the forefront of the new age women.Today, I will tell you the story of Liu Li, deputy director of Yiyang Nanxian Welfare Institute (apartment for the elderly).For 24 years, she has been the good daughter of the elderly people in the welfare home. “At a young age, what is difficult to do? Nursing work is dirty and tiring.”This is more than 20 years ago, Liu Li just entered the south county welfare home to work, the most heard a sentence.But she kept going for 20 years.At 8 o ‘clock in the evening of March 22, when she was interviewed by reporters, Liu Li was busy with her day’s work, and her voice was hoarse because of her long shout.”As welfare homes are key prevention and control units, closed management has been implemented since January 5.”Since the closure, Liu has been in the orphanage and “hardly ever went home.”Liu Li is the vice president of yiyang Nanxian Welfare Home (apartment for the elderly). Since 1998, she has officially entered the welfare home to work. This is 24 years, from a “blind youth” in the pension industry, she has gradually grown into an excellent nursing assistant.And for the elderly service industry in Nanxian county to cultivate a sincere cooperation, excellent style, excellent service for the elderly service nursing team.Liu Li, a native of Nanxian County, Yiyang City, was born in 1977. She joined the CPC in 2014 and is a delegate to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In 2021, she was rated as an Excellent CPC Member in Yiyang City.She has been awarded the title of “National star of Filial piety and respect for the elderly” “National heroine model” and so on.In March, Liu was named the 2021 National “March eighth Red Flag Bearer” for leading by example and excellent work.Liu Li takes care of the elderly, starting from her “heart”. “I have had different feelings for welfare homes since I was young.”Looking back on her relationship with the welfare home, Liu li told Fem.cn that she is a native of Nanxian county. Her father, who works in the civil affairs system, used to be in charge of the welfare home, which aroused liu’s interest and decided to “become a caregiver” at an early age.After graduating from school in 1998, Liu Li, who majored in finance and accounting, chose nanxian Welfare Home without hesitation and became a nurse here.”At that time, welfare homes were very shabby.”Liu li remembered that the welfare home at that time was still a bungalow. The room for the elderly had no independent toilet, only one bed and one desk. There was no supporting service facilities, “let alone the accommodation environment for the staff”.In addition, before Liu Li entered the orphanage, there were only a small number of staff in the orphanage. Apart from the director, the accountant, the person in charge of purchasing and the cook, there was only one full-time nurse who was responsible for taking care of more than 60 elderly people and children in the orphanage.When Liu li started working, she not only had to take on the responsibilities of a nurse, but also assisted in shopping.As soon as she entered the welfare home, Liu followed her 50-year-old teacher to learn how to take care of the elderly, “doing whatever is available”, helping them clean up and tidy up their internal affairs, delivering meals, feeding medicine and helping them go to the bathroom when they meet mobility difficulties.At first, she thought that all the nurses needed to do was to take good care of the elderly’s body. But gradually, Liu Li found that because she did not understand the elderly’s preferences and psychological needs, and she was a young woman who had just arrived, her communication with the elderly was not smooth, which deepened the old people’s incomprehension and distrust of her.In order to change the old people’s perception of her, Liu began to be “honest” and get to know them through the details of her work.Most of the old people in the welfare home are five guarantees. Liu Li extracted effective information from the chat, gradually mastered the old people’s preferences, life experiences and family chores, and learned that different old people have to use different ways of communication.Understanding the elderly and taking care of them, “after more than two years of continuous efforts,” Liu gradually won their favor.Gradually increase along with the social pension demand, no welfare homes also had two expansion, gradually formed the medical pension for the elderly now set maintenance center, became now pingnan welfare (elderly apartment), now the institution is not only the hardware facilities, complete supporting facilities, nursing team has a professional pension services, also opened its endowment apartment,To meet the elderly needs of citizens.It is normal for liu li to get up after 6 am every morning to shuttle between the elderly and children, serving them and chatting with them. In the meantime, she also needs to solve unexpected problems. She is busy until 8 PM when she can take a rest.Not only that, but sometimes, Liu needs to take the place of family members and become their “good daughter”, always accompanying the dying elderly.Liu li remembered that a few years ago, a kind grandma Li came to the welfare home. Grandma Li was a retired worker, and her son and daughter were working in other places. In order to get better care, the children, with the consent of Grandma Li, sent her to the elderly apartment located in the welfare home.Liu Li often communicates with Grandma Li, and Grandma Li likes Liu Li very much.One night, Grandma Li had a cerebral infarction, which was found by the night patrol nurse. The nurse immediately dialed 120 emergency number and also informed Liu Li.When Liu Li arrived at the hospital, the doctor was preparing to rescue her.At this time, the old man’s children can not immediately back to Nanxian, Liu Li will assume the responsibility of children, for the old man after hospitalization procedures, has been accompanied by the old man.After dawn, Grandma Li’s daughter came back. Liu Li told grandma Li in a clear and orderly way. With the gratitude of the other party, she returned to the welfare home and began her new day’s work.One night in 2014, Liu was making ward rounds when she found Wang half-lying on the floor, with one hand propping up the floor and the other trying to press the beeper at the head of the bed. Urine and feces soaked the sheets, floor and clothes, filling the room with a strong smell.Liu Li, who was thin and thin, helped up the old man weighing more than 140 catties with difficulty and carefully helped him to the toilet to scrub.The old man was embarrassed and said he would come.”Please treat me as your daughter,” liu said to her relief.The old man shook his head and said, “Thank you, my dear daughter.”Liu Li put on clean clothes for the old man, cleaned the sheets and the floor, and made medicine for the old man.After all this, it was three in the morning.Such a night, such a sudden situation, for Liu Li did not know how many times.”We now have more than 200 elderly people in the welfare home, and more than 150 of them are semi-disabled.”In order to take better care of the elderly, Liu li is very fond of them. “Some old people like singing, some like playing chess, and some like eating meat…”Liu li also alleviates the loneliness of the elderly and comforts their hearts through various means. “We will carry out various activities suitable for the elderly so that their psychological needs can be satisfied.”In addition to the elderly, there are also children who need the care of Liu Li and her colleagues.Liu li told reporters that as the children grow up and leave, at present, there are only two children left in the orphanage.Le Le (pseudonym) was sent to a welfare home in her second year in junior high school because her parents died and no one took care of her.When she first arrived at the welfare home, Lele was very rebellious and often climbed over the wall to surf the Internet, which made Liu Li anxious.In order to find out what Le Le was thinking, Liu often communicated with him and went to the school to ask teachers about Le Le’s situation.Finally, under The guidance of Liu Li, Le Le got rid of her addiction to the Internet and studied hard, and finally became a college student who left the orphanage.Now, Le Le keeps in touch with “Mother Liu” from time to time and sometimes comes back to visit.The nursing work in the welfare home is very complicated and difficult. Many of the nurses who came to the welfare home with Liu Li have changed careers.In fact, Liu Li also had the opportunity to change careers, but when she thought of the elderly and children in the welfare home, she could not bear to give up.With the change of Nanxian Welfare Home (apartment for the elderly), Liu Li also gradually came up with the idea of training a professional nursing team for the elderly.With the strong support of the leaders, Liu li found six colleagues who also worked in the Nanxian Welfare Home before, and began the journey of “group development”, and widely recruited experienced nurses from the society.While taking part of the members to learn from excellent institutions in other provinces, Liu invited doctors and teachers to train nurses to enhance their theoretical and practical skills.Now, nanxian Welfare Home (apartment for the elderly) has a total of nearly 50 caregivers, with an average age of 42 years old. Each caregiver will receive a series of training, from theory, etiquette to ethics, and then to practical operation, covering the psychological and physical care of the elderly.”The training is not temporary, it is regular.”Even Liu li herself feels that she is a “halfway house” in nursing care and needs more theoretical knowledge and practical skills.With the efforts of Liu li and her colleagues, the elderly in the welfare home are 100 percent satisfied with the nursing team, and even their family members are full of praise.In 2014, liu was recommended to join the Communist Party of China (CPC) because of her excellent performance at work. “Before BECOMING a CPC member, I only thought about doing my job well. Now, I have to consider more aspects and set an example for myself.”Her progress, Liu Li also led the nurses to progress together, she happily told today Women/Phoenix network reporter, in July this year, there will be two probationary members of the team oath, become official communist party members.Editor: Yiyi