High-energy laser cutting machine and you have a “blessing” to share, open the New Year good luck

2022-06-15 0 By

In the year of the Tiger, we invite you to bring the “five blessings” home, which means business is thriving and financial resources are widely advanced.Set five blessings, welcome the Spring Festival your five blessings set together?Don’t worry, this year’s “Five Blessings” high-energy laser is ready for you!Patriotic fu, rich fu, friendly fu, harmony fu, dedication fu China wisdom, patriotic fu high-energy laser deep cultivation of laser cutting field for more than 20 years adhere to the artisan craftsmanship, create excellent quality service to the world’s more than ten thousand customers, the application of the field of continuous breakthrough to laser technology to drive modern productivity, China wisdom made more powerful!Happy New Year 2022!Tiger Tiger alive!Improve quality and efficiency, Fuqiang fu plate, pipe forming, no manual polishing plate thick plate with ease, with thickness and cutting groove ±45°, flight cutting, intersecting hole cutting, lightning perforation……Rich process and support, all orders are accepted, income is richer and stronger!Happy New Year 2022!Like a tiger with wings added!Intelligent system, friendly fu one key intelligent typesetting, the interface is clear and intuitive, a variety of processing mode optional operation procedures to simplify, “small white” can also easily on the handicraft database cutting data automatic matching, more friendly operation!Happy New Year 2022!Strong!Optimized configuration, Harmony fu optimized internal and external components, heavy machine tools, extreme assembly process complete sets of high precision transmission system, GN-RELAX operating system strong combination, hardware and software perfect compatibility and fluency, more harmonious operation!Happy New Year 2022!Gold is born in the year of the tiger!Quality service, professional blessing 360° all-round protection, 365 days ingenuity made 24 hours a day standby, all the year round trials and hardships free proofing, free installation, special answer team professional strong, excellent technology, more dedicated service!New Exhibition grand plan – Five blessing Rimmen!Have you mastered the five Blessings strategy?Early action, early to enjoy the “blessing” report!We invite you to enjoy the “five blessings” home and start the New Year with good luck!In the New Year, happiness is as great as the East China Sea, five blessings, hundred blessings are zhen, fortune is shining, dafu is expensive!