Haishu Hengjie town to create bamboo forest “ecological circle”, explore the forest economy to become rich

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These days, in the Daodi Medicine park of Dazhu Seascape area, Hengjie Town, Haishu District, an ecological circle composed of bamboo shoots, bacteria and medicine is full of vitality.In recent years, Ningbo big bamboo sea agricultural development co., Ltd. from Lishui Longquan introduced huangjing, bletilla, heavy floor and other understory medicinal materials seedlings, in the big bamboo sea park to create 130 acres of understory medicine park.In order to successfully plant high-quality genuine medicinal materials among the bamboo forests, the park summarized a set of special “reclamation” methods.”In the first year, bamboo dictyophora was planted to inhibit the growth of bamboo by utilizing its characteristics. After harvesting, edible fungi such as Lentinus magnifera and Mushroom chicken leg were interplanted. The base material residues after harvesting of edible fungi laid a good foundation for the subsequent planting of understory medicinal materials.”Wang Hongge of staff member of limited company of development of agriculture of big bamboo sea of ningbo introduces, interplanting edible fungus and medicinal material below MAO bamboo forest can enrich bamboo forest product kind not only, still can control the density of this bamboo forest and bamboo cane growth, be helpful for bamboo shoot growth and quality promotion inside bamboo forest.The excess bamboo shell and moso bamboo can be used as natural base material to provide nutrients for edible fungi and medicinal materials after breaking and fermentation, so as to achieve cyclic development.Returning entrepreneur Wang Hongliang is a native of Dalei Village. He knows the hard work and difficulties of his father and his generation. After returning to his hometown, he founded Ningbo Dazhuhai Agricultural Development Co., LTD., and decided to explore a new industry with “underforest cash crops” as the core.Undergrowth “based on previous research, economic crops have extremely high market potential, panax medicinal herbs rhizoma polygonati, for example, though its growth cycle is long, but it can reap the benefit of the is generally bamboo shoots 10 times sales, hope to wait for the interplanting mode after the mature, we can be popularized to the surrounding bamboo farmer, who is responsible for the production, we to protect their sales channels.”In the genuine medicinal garden, Wang Hongliang introduced the understory medicinal herbs huang Jing to reporters, he said in 2 years of cultivation and screening, from huang Jing, bletilla striata, heavy floor, ganoderma ganoderma and other Chinese medicinal herbs selected the most suitable for local growth of huang Jing as the future understory medicinal herbs development.Based on the prospects of the forest economic genuine medicine park, Anhui Bozhou, Jinhua panan and other places of medicinal herbs market have extended an olive branch.A stable market requires a stable output.To this end, ningbo big bamboo sea agricultural development Co., Ltd. plans to further improve the interplanting mode, expand the economic scale under the forest, and more bamboo farmers to impart cultivation technology.At the same time, it actively carries out the integration of the three industries, such as sightseeing and harvesting of medicinal materials under the forest, so that tourists can walk into the fields and bring their consumption power to the forest.Through the further processing of yellow essence and other medicinal materials, the added value of products can be improved, and the products can be made into hand gifts combined with tourism to improve economic benefits.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com