Zhuzhou introduced ten measures to serve the high-quality development of the economy

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Rednet moment March 29 – (correspondent Cui Lin) Economic high-quality development, green, environmental protection is due.In addition to fighting pollution with an iron fist and a sharp sword, the department of ecological environment also serves economic development.On March 27, the reporter understands from zhuzhou city ecological environment bureau, the bureau has issued the ecological environment of zhuzhou city bureau of 10 measures about the development of economy and high quality service “(hereinafter referred to as the” measures “), will be engaged in the former boot, simplify procedures, minor illegal impunity, into the enterprise support guidance and so on several levels, help enterprise, xing industry, boost the city’s high quality and economic development.This “measure” is the first in the province.What should we expect from these 10 measures?How will it land?Precise guidance and advance intervention, so that industrial layout and project landing less detour industrial layout and project landing, environmental access is an important threshold, lax or inaccurate control, it is easy to attract projects, before landing, because of the “ecological red line” and forced to stop.In real work, there is no lack of such cases.In 2021 alone, 51 projects in the city were rejected because they did not meet the requirements of urban development and environmental protection.Zhuzhou City Ecological environment bureau director Zhou Qiwei introduced, “measures” before the two, is the bureau according to their own functions, the service pass forward, for the above situation “appropriate medicine”.Specific terms, is to continuously optimize the “three line a single” red line (ecological protection, environment quality of the bottom line, online resource utilization and ecological environment access list) the results of application of cohesion, strengthen national spatial planning related planning at the regional resources development, the industrial layout, structural adjustment, urban construction, the location of the major projects, etc.,The “three line one single” ecological environment zoning access requirements as an important basis for Zhuzhou city to optimize the layout of economic development, promote industrial structure adjustment, planning eia landing, project EIA approval to provide scientific guidance, accurate guidance.In addition, the agency will also carry out “three three” activities, key projects involved in project eia work ahead of time, the front comb project difficulties, one-time told the construction unit project landing location concern, entrust a third party precautions for preparation of the eia, the eia for program rules, etc., to guide the construction unit go through the formalities of all kinds of environmental elements,Ensure that the project construction does not step on the “ecological red line” in terms of industrial policy, site selection and function positioning.The time limit for statutory approval has been cut by 90%, and the number of environment-related approval items has been reduced to a slimmer scale, and the pace of industrial implementation and project construction has been accelerated. Eia approval is an important prerequisite.According to the measures, the Zhuzhou Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment will further simplify procedures this year, reducing the time limit for statutory eia approval by 90 percent.On the basis of precise guidance in the early stage, informed service intervention in advance and on-site guidance, the time limit for enterprises to handle the approval of eia reports and EIA report forms has been reduced from the statutory 60 and 30 working days to 6 and 3 working days respectively.The measures also make it clear that key projects with basic conditions will be accepted for shortage tolerance, and will be reviewed and approved immediately after the completion of shortage tolerance requirements.For construction projects that meet the approval conditions of the notification commitment system, the approval opinions shall be directly issued after receiving the eia documents submitted and the notification commitment signed by the construction unit;For construction projects with high-quality eia documents, eia approval shall be handled in one go.In addition, Zhuzhou city this year will also explore the “multi – evaluation of unity” pilot.Zhuzhou City Ecological environment bureau environmental assessment approval section chief Liao Weigeng introduction, the current exploration of “multiple assessment in one”, is the construction project environmental assessment, radiation environmental assessment and sewage outlet into the river set certification approval merger.”For example, if a project needs to handle the above three or two approvals at the same time, according to the current work requirements, it will be handled one by one. The pilot project of ‘integrating multiple evaluations into one’ means that the three or two approvals will be handled in one.”Liao Weigeng introduced that “the integration of multiple reviews” seeks “one review and multiple effects”, which will significantly reduce the approval process and shorten the approval time limit.”The plan is being refined and will be piloted at an appropriate time this year.”He said.It is an important means to urge enterprises to fulfill their main responsibility for environmental protection and to crack down on ecological environmental crimes.But in the real work, the inspection and supervision of all levels and departments make the majority of law-abiding enterprises tired of inspection and preparation, and some administrative penalties caused by minor environmental violations without subjective malice also make enterprises “under great pressure”.”Measures” clear, Zhuzhou city this year will further improve the “double random, one open” environmental supervision means, strengthen the positive list of supervision and law enforcement management, promote differentiated law enforcement supervision, no trouble to law-abiding enterprises;We will standardize the exercise of our discretion and standards for imposing administrative penalties on the ecological environment, prudently take measures to seal up, detain, restrict production and suspend production, and prevent the practice of imposing penalties instead of managing the environment, and prohibit the practice of imposing one-size-fits-all penalties.The “catalogue list” for issuing no administrative penalty for minor environmental violations and no administrative penalty for first environmental violations with minor harmful consequences.Zhou Qiwei introduced that Zhuzhou city will carry out dynamic evaluation of environmental protection credit of polluters, including the rating results into double random random inspection, and build a differentiated double random supervision model based on environmental protection credit rating.”To put it simply, we don’t need to disturb enterprises with high environmental credit rating and law-abiding operation for many years, but enterprises with low environmental credit rating and repeated records of environmental violations will definitely be the focus of law enforcement inspection.”Zhou qiwei introduced that this year will step up efforts to clean up “disorderly and dirty” enterprises and crack down on all kinds of environmental violations.Strive for “real money” for enterprises and key projects, cultivate and increase “growth nutrients” for market players By striving for “real money” to cultivate market players, will usher in the “growth speed” of development.”Measures” clear, Zhuzhou city will actively strive for national and provincial support for rural environment comprehensive remediation, pollution prevention and control of the environmental governance special funds, take the initiative to guide the counties and urban governments, functional departments and enterprises planning packaging environmental governance projects, so that more projects into the superior “cage”.We will actively promote green credit, and support banking financial institutions in exploring the use of pollution and carbon emission rights as collateral to lend to honest enterprises.We will actively expand social financing channels for enterprises in environmental governance and scientific and technological innovation, and attract and encourage more social capital to participate in environmental governance.It is understood that in the past three years, the municipal Bureau of Ecological environment in the air, water, soil pollution prevention and control of the project for a total of more than 200 million yuan.In addition, centering on serving enterprises and projects, the city’s ecological environment department will continue to carry out special activities of “sending laws and regulations, sending technologies” this year, and set up expert guidance service teams to carry out “one-to-one” environmental protection assistance and guidance and consultation in key industrial parks and key project sites.Take the initiative to guide the environmental protection work during the guidance period for the listing of enterprises, help to establish a standardized environmental management system, and make it meet the listing requirements as soon as possible.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com