Worried about reciprocal retaliation?Australia has played down china-related comments, saying it will continue to support the One-china policy

2022-06-14 0 By

Australian Foreign Minister Peter Payne said the Australian government is not considering changing the name of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia, Lianhe Zaobao reported On February 9. Payne also reiterated that Australia will continue to support the One-China policy.Payne made the remarks at a joint press conference after meeting with visiting Lithuanian Foreign Minister Vladislav Landsberges, who has been highlighting Australia and Lithuania’s suffering and demanding that they work together to prevent “economic coercion” by China.Yet Mr Payne’s response was muted, saying only that he would continue to oppose “economic coercion”, almost entirely from Mr Landsberges.More recently, Landsberges visited Australia for in-depth discussions on joint responses to alleged “coercion” from China, and Australia backed Lithuania’s case against China for “economic coercion” at the World Trade Organization.As is known to all, Lithuania was countered by China mainly because Lithuania challenged China’s bottom line on the Taiwan issue, approved the establishment of the so-called “Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania” by the Taiwan authorities, openly developed relations with the Taiwan authorities and tried to treat the Taiwan authorities as an “independent country”.It is not “economic coercion”, as the EU claims. Even if the EU goes to the WTO, it will not get the result it wants.So took various measures to China, to “correct” of Lithuania, so the problem between neutral, the ultimate responsibility lies in Lithuania, and Australia has also to “support” of Lithuania, the two countries are visible “birds of a feather”, then why after solidarity with Lithuania, Australia and go back to China and shown good?On the one hand, From the tragic situation in Lithuania, Australia can understand how serious the consequences of challenging China on the Taiwan issue are. In order to continue to eat the food of the Chinese market, the Australian Foreign Minister can only put out the fire.As the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, the Taiwan issue concerns China’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, and There is no retreat for China. Lithuania stepped on the red line and refused to correct its mistake, which is why China chose reciprocal countermeasures.Billions of dollars have been lost, which has affected Lithuania’s GDP and even the daily life of cubans.Australia has close economic ties with China, and China has taken countermeasures against Australia for following the US policy of containing China.According to the current situation, Australia’s economy is much larger than Lithuania’s, and its anti-attack capability is not as good as that of Lithuania. However, with the deepening of China’s countermeasures, some industries in Australia have been hit hard, which makes it unbearable.Because Australia is advantageous, the country has rich iron ore, which has always been the “iron rice bowl” of Australia.As a result, in recent years, The amount of iron ore from Australia to China has also started to decline, and even the “iron rice bowl” has been lost.If Australia were to follow Lithuania’s lead and step on China’s red line over Taiwan, China would almost certainly intensify its counter-actions against Australia and immediately switch to buying iron ore from other countries around the world, potentially costing Australia hundreds of billions of dollars.Therefore, after “supporting” Lithuania, Australia also quickly expressed to China that it has “no intention of imitating Lithuania”, “do not misunderstand” and “do not shoot”.In other words, Australia has no intention to change the name of the Taiwan authorities in Australia, but it does not mean that Australia will not do so in the future.In other words, if China can’t give Australia some benefits, maybe Australia will also approve the so-called “Taiwan representative Office” in the future.This is the place where Australia “terminating”, side, side threat, in an attempt to make the biggest benefits, but it should be pointed out that, even if Australia abacus played fine, but China is not fuel-efficient lamp, China will never compromise and concession, because of the threatened because of the bleeding wound will only attract more sharks.Australia is not in a good position right now. Those politicians are still talking tough, but they are also under enormous pressure at home, where there has been a strong demand for detente with China.So as long as China continues to counter, Australia will come down to its knees sooner or later, as will Lithuania, they just haven’t been hurt yet.