Woman’s bone continues to shorten after fracture, 7 years of medical treatment unknown cause may be amputated

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Xiao Xue (pseudonym), a 23-year-old woman from Henan province, fractured her right thigh in an accident in 2014 and had a plate fixation operation.On re-examination, she found that the bone in her right thigh where the wound had appeared was getting shorter.Since then, she has sought medical attention and had bone grafts, but the bone in her right thigh continues to shorten.Because the cause of the disease has not been found, or will be amputated, Xiao Xue hopes to obtain the help of experienced doctors, as soon as possible treatment.On Feb 7, Xiao Xue posted on her Weibo account that she fractured her right thigh in a fall in 2014, had a steel plate fitted and returned home to recuperate.Two months later, at a review, she found that the bone in her right thigh where the cut had occurred was getting shorter.”The doctor said he didn’t know what was going on.Then there were fewer and fewer bones.”Xiao Xue issued a call for help on weibo.In 2015, Xiao Xue was diagnosed with a “bone defect in her right femur, which was not connected” at a hospital in Luoyang, and subsequently underwent bone grafting surgery, in which bone was taken from her left thigh and inserted between the broken bones in her right thigh.The original plate was too short and became loose. In the same year, Xiao Xue underwent surgery again and had a longer plate replaced.In 2017, She had a bone graft again because the bone in her right thigh was damaged and the implanted bone kept getting shorter.Insert a piece of bone 23 centimeters long.The ECT examination report of The receiving hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, showed that the patient had abnormal bone metabolism after the operation of right bone shaft fracture, which was first considered as poor fracture healing, and no signs of active infection were found.Left: Xiao Xue had a bone graft in 2017 to implant a 23cm piece of bone.Right: A review in 2022 found that the bone had been absorbed.After the surgery, Xiao Xue went to a local hospital in Henan province for radiation examination again on Feb 4, and bone absorption in her right thigh was still found, her mother, Surnamed Chen, told thepaper.cn.In addition, the bones of other parts of xiao Xue’s body have no similar situation.According to the hospital examination report provided by her, the patient’s right femur showed the shadow of internal fixation plate, bone absorption at the broken end, bone absence in the middle and upper and lower segments of the femoral shaft, and osteoporosis and bone resorption in the remaining bone of the right femur.The diagnosis was reexamination after right femur internal fixation, bone nonunion and bone nonabsorption.Xiao Xue asked for help on weibo, saying she was still unable to find the cause for treatment.”The bone in the right thigh disappeared all the time, and the doctor had never seen this disease before. It seemed to be osteolysis, bone absorption and bone nonunion. I went to the hospital and did the examination, but still did not recover.I would like to seek help from overseas because MY family is limited and I can be treated as a human body researcher.According to Chen, Xiao Xue was in her third year of junior high school when she fell in March 2014 and missed the chance to enter high school because of medical treatment.In the past few years, Xiao Xue has undergone three more surgeries. After each operation, she had to stay in bed for half a year and needed someone to take care of her. Therefore, she did not go to school again.The family has already spent about half a million yuan on the treatment, making it difficult to pay for follow-up surgeries.Currently, Xiao Xue walks with crutches.They hope to get the help of doctors or experts with relevant experience to find the cause of light snow.After the information of xiao Xue for help spread on the network platform, many netizens forwarded and spread, and discussed its cause.The blogger lu Wei, certified as “Deputy chief physician of General Surgery Department, Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine”, forwarded relevant content and analyzed, “Osteolysis is often called Gorham-Stout syndrome in foreign literature, also known as bulk osteolysis, disappearing bone disease, acute spontaneous bone absorption, shadow bone, etc.”Spontaneous destruction and absorption of one or more bones.Romer reported maxillofacial osteolysis as early as 1828. Up to now, there are only hundreds of reports in the world, so it is very rare.Please refer to it.”Statement: Smart Yantai published this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If any source is wrong or violates your legitimate rights and interests, welcome to contact me for correction and deletion. Thank you.