The latest!Bayannur part of the hospital during the Spring Festival outpatient arrangements

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The Hospital of Bayannur City does not have a holiday during the Spring Festival, emergency and fever outpatient service 24 hours open;The conventional time of nucleic acid detection is (8:00-11:50;15:00 — 17:50), nucleic acid test 24 hours for fever patients, critical emergency patients, and red-yellow code returning personnel;Outpatient service in key departments, medical technology departments and pharmacies are open simultaneously.♥ January 31 to February 6 during the festival outpatient visit table (experts on the same day visit the situation if there is a change, please take the outpatient registration as the standard) ♥ January 29, 30 days of the hospital to work normally, respectively by Monday, Friday outpatient visit arrangements.Linhe District People’s Hospital ♥ Linhe District People’s Hospital for no holiday hospital, during the Spring Festival emergency, fever clinic 24 hours open;Nucleic acid testing for ordinary personnel (8:30-11:30;14:30-17:00), nucleic acid test for fever at any time 24 hours;Normal diagnosis and treatment in out-patient departments and medical technology departments (please refer to the out-patient doctors’ out-patient visit table of Linhe District People’s Hospital for details of out-patient departments and doctors).♥ January 31 to February 6 during the festival outpatient visit table ♥ January 29, 30 hospital normal work, outpatient visit table Bayannur City hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine during the Spring Festival is not a holiday, emergency, fever outpatient clinic, nucleic acid testing 24 hours open, the medical departments, outpatient pharmacy synchronous open.Linhe District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital does not have a holiday during the Spring Festival, emergency, fever clinics, nucleic acid testing 24 hours open, all medical departments, outpatient pharmacies open at the same time.Wuyuan County People’s Hospital one, the general clinic: 8:20-11:50 PM: 14:30-17:30 January 31 (December 29th) afternoon, February 1 (New Year’s day), February 2 (second day) all day, February 3 (third day) began normal home visits.Fever clinic and emergency department are on duty 24 hours a day.Dengkou County People’s Hospital In order to ensure the normal medical treatment of people throughout the county during the Spring Festival holiday, dengkou County People’s Hospital’s outpatient service is arranged as follows: From January 31 to February 6, doctors will make visits to the outpatient service every morning.2. The emergency Medicine department will provide you with high quality and efficient medical services 24 hours a day.3. Nucleic acid testing will be carried out normally during the Spring Festival.(1) Outdoor nucleic acid sampling site in fever Clinic (those who wish to be checked out and return from other places) : 8:30 am — 12:00 PM: 15:00-18:00 Tel: 13274885523 421055424 hours collection contact telephone: 4210554 132748855234.1 – February 6 during the holiday outpatient visit form source: Yellow River Charm Linhe, Wuyuan County People’s Hospital subscription number, Dengkou County people’s Hospital editor: Qiao Hong