My family’s New Year’s Eve dinner this year

2022-06-14 0 By

New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Eve, is the prelude to the annual Spring Festival, the beginning of the Chinese New Year.On this day, the Lunar New Year officially begins and the annual leave begins.On New Year’s Eve, the whole family gets together. The lunch we eat together is called The New Year’s Dinner, and the dinner we eat in the evening is also called the New Year’s Dinner.Our New Year’s dinner is booked in a restaurant as usual this year.Now people’s awareness has been raised, many families have their New Year’s dinner in restaurants.This saves time and effort, although it can spend a little money, it is still worth it from the price ratio!I remember some years ago when my parents-in-law were still alive, we spent most of our time in the kitchen when we went home for a reunion during the Spring Festival.Busy before dinner, busy after dinner.For a large family of more than ten people, it takes several days just to prepare food and cook, and more than half a day to clean up after dinner.Originally wanted to take the Spring Festival holiday to relax, the whole family rarely get together for entertainment, because of the Chinese New Year to eat big dinner these traditional customs, the family wasted a lot of time in eating and drinking, but not much time to play.With the development and progress of The Times, people’s cognitive evolution, concept change, abandon many old bad habits, the new way of life is accepted by more and more people.For example, when eating New Year’s dinner in restaurants, there is no need to collect a lot of New Year goods before the Spring Festival, and the setting off of firecrackers during the Spring Festival is forbidden.When I booked Chinese New Year dinner in a restaurant near my home, I booked it more than half a month in advance. I never thought there was only a private room left.We have no choice but to decide.This if start again later, return true can’t book!Restaurants are also not as expensive as they used to be because of regulations that allow guests to bring their own drinks.What was left was food, which could not be consumed at all.A large family is happy, eating a mouth full of oil, satisfied.You can eat ready-made food in a restaurant and have special service. Why not?We have dinner at home.It is also a great happiness and enjoyment to watch the Annual Spring Festival Gala which the people of the whole country look forward to at the same time.