Xiangxi public security traffic police issued the Spring Festival holiday traffic safety risk alert

2022-06-13 0 By

Rednet moment Xiangxi On February 1 (correspondent Zhang Jin) During the Spring Festival holiday, the temperature in the whole state is low, and there are periodic low temperature rain and snow processes. People return home for the Spring Festival, visit relatives and friends, and travel by car are frequent, which increases the risk of road traffic accidents.In this regard, the traffic police detachment of xiangxi Public Security Bureau analyzed the law characteristics of relevant road traffic accidents and the traffic safety situation, and issued a warning of traffic safety risks.A, bad weather, traffic risk according to forecast of xiangxi meteorological observatory, the Spring Festival holiday, I have two low temperature sleet freezing weather process, respectively, on January 31 solstice on February 3, February 6 solstice 7, the main precipitation time appear in the February 1 night, (which) night, February 6, the state has in the snow, local blizzard.Under rain, fog and freezing weather, the sight line of driving is poor and the braking slides, which is easy to lead to rear-end collision and falling, and the accident risk is increased.Second, tourism traffic safety risk during the festival to visit relatives, short and medium distance travel increased, it is expected that phoenix ancient City, Yongshun Furong Town, Ganzhou ancient City and other “ancient town tour” popular attractions will usher in the peak passenger flow, private cars, tourist buses travel frequently, illegal operation, illegal chartered buses are easy to spread, accident risk rises.During the Spring Festival, rural vans overmanned, illegal operation, light trucks, three-wheeled motorcycles, agricultural vehicles illegal manned illegal prone to;During the Spring Festival, activities such as group visits and family reunions are concentrated, and the risk of illegal activities such as drunk driving and overcrowding increases.Xiangxi traffic police warm tips: Spring Festival driving, please pay attention to the weather information in advance, low temperature weather, please keep safe car distance;Please fasten your safety belt and do not overspeed, overload or overage.Family reunion driving drink, drink not to drive, civilized travel, safe home.