The encounter between Song Siming and Haizhao in Dwelling Narrowness is actually a premeditated workplace unspoken rule

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Please click “follow” before reading, 2 career articles every day to accompany you to grow oh.Caleb author | text editing | liu 01 I’ve always thought, “the humble abode” algae depravity step by step, the willingly when Song Siming small three, there is little not garbage boss Chen temple f calculation.Song Siming and seaweed encounter that dinner, in fact is a premeditated workplace unspoken rules.Haizhao, a fresh graduate, young, good-looking and simple, was invited to dinner after work.I was reluctant, but under the authority of my boss, I said, “I don’t have any reluctance. It’s one of my job responsibilities to have dinner with people.”Then she met Song Siming at dinner, Song Siming meaningfully said a “boundless future”, said he did not want to sleep seaweed I do not believe.The unusual and ambiguous message was picked up by Chen Sifu, the boss, and he has his way with it.Chen sifu depended on high officials like Song Siming for his resources and protection.How do you curry favor with such a high official?Chen Sifu thought of sending seaweed to Song Siming’s bed.Therefore, if there is a condition to seaweed, there is no condition to create conditions on seaweed.First play golf, and Song Siming said that golf is a particularly suitable sport for love.It’s pretty obvious. I mean, I get it.Only seaweed was silly and asked “why”.Then kelp sent documents, and she did all of them.Later plot everybody also knew, in the deliberate calculation and all kinds of misfortune mixed force below, seaweed step by step degenerate, willingly on the bed of Song Siming.I really feel that Haizhao is very sad. It is true that she has her own problems, but Chen Sifu and Song Siming’s calculation is also true.Seaweed is just a pawn in this unspoken game.She might never have thought of that.This story, let me deeply feel the workplace for young beautiful women deeply malicious.It is said that art comes from life, so you can imagine what kind of unspoken rules women in the real workplace will encounter?A few days ago, I had a chat with my college classmates. We both felt that it had been 10 years since we graduated from college. This time 10 years ago was our internship stage.During the conversation, she suddenly said: Did you find that many old men want to sleep with young girls who just graduated from school?Then she told me her story.Within a few days of joining the company, she found that the hr director who had hired her was overly concerned about her.New person training time to take care of her everywhere, as long as she speaks the other party kua she is excellent, training at the end of the time to give her the highest score, even other new employees said Liu really good appreciate you ah.At the time she did not understand what all this appreciation meant.After the training, she was assigned to the best department. Mr. Liu hinted that my classmate could not enter that department so smoothly without him. The department had strong leadership and was a favorite of the boss.He then said, Think about how to thank me.The student said he felt something was wrong but could not tell.One day before work, this Manager Liu invited my classmate to dinner because she was so excellent that the company also gave him a bonus.He said that giving her money was not such a thing, and that dinner might as well be.My classmate sees him to say more sincere, also hear a person to want with do personnel of dozen good deal, hence foolishly ground went.At dinner, liu tried to persuade her to drink for various reasons, saying that she was incapable of drinking at work.My classmate can’t drink, it didn’t take long to get confused.Then she noticed that this so-called Manager Liu started to grope and said nasty things in her ear like “I’ll make you feel better later”.’I was really scared,’ she says.Xin kui brain is still sober, the excuse that drink too much want to vomit, take the opportunity to slip away.After she handed in her resignation the next day, she packed up and left the company.She says, graduation 10 years, also calculate had experienced strong wind big waves, but only this thing still carve in her mind, the smile of that Liu is wretched and cannot bear the words of ear she can recall clearly.There are survivors rejoice, more fear.Sometimes she could not help but think, that Total liu in the end cheated the same as her unsophisticated little girl?What happened to the little girls now?After graduation, I have seen and heard a lot about such things.The target is mainly beautiful young girls who have just graduated from school, they have young bodies and are simple and easy to brainwash, but have no background and resources.There is also looking at the honest female workplace, soft temper and do not understand to refuse, bullying up no cost.It is easy to be young, simple and honest, and it is also an unspoken rule.So what are the forms of this unspoken rule?So I’ve summed it up, and there are about four of them.1. Implicit hints, such as Mr. Liu’s hints to my classmates, “Think about how to thank me”, or call you and send messages in the middle of the night.In Ode to Joy, Qiu Yingying receives a message from a white supervisor in the middle of the night. Qiu is so excited, but Fan Shengmei is very clear about it: If an unattractive white supervisor sends such a message, would you consider it a kind of sexual harassment? Please treat him equally.Designate you to accompany to relax, go out to do business, or even go on business trips together.This is the most common and safest.Forensics are hard, and it’s easy to get caught.2, money color transaction type, such as haizhao and Song Siming encounter, is a typical money color transaction.Song Siming wants color, Chen Sifu wants money, seaweed is a chess piece.In the real world, it is more common for the other person to suggest that there is an opportunity for a raise or promotion in your company and he can help you with it.3, brazenly threatening type if you do not allow the other party’s requirements, then your bonus ah, ah options are gone, in short, is a direct showdown about the conditions.What’s more, they use their work to make love to each other and tell all kinds of dirty jokes.This is also the most terrible workplace unspoken rules, the little girl admires the gentle and elegant, knowledgeable male boss, be most willing to be unspoken rules.The examples of Haizhao and Song Siming can still be used as a reference. Wealth, experience, experience and status create their charm, which is lethal.And song Siming this kind of male boss also does not conceal his charm, the little girl that does not have social experience which can carry?They mistake it for love, but they don’t know that they’re putting themselves in unequal relationships, and they don’t think it’s an unwritten rule.So as working women, especially young girls, how can we avoid unspoken rules?Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid it, because that’s the reality.The dark of human nature exceeds our imagination, for instance Chen Temple fu and Song Siming are right alga elaborate calculation, these two shrewd old man is right alga, it is very precise “fall dimension strike”!However, my following several suggestions, or I hope that we look carefully, perhaps harvest: 1, tough attitude, brave counterattack I said in front of the young, simple, honest is easy to be hidden rules, said is this principle.If you encounter unspoken rules, don’t be afraid to say no.People are bullies, pick soft persimmon pinch, those scum is the same.Remember that there is no pie falling from the sky.The experience of seaweed is worth our reflection, Chen Sifu and Song Siming calculate seaweed is not false, but seaweed is not stupid, she really can not refuse the temptation of money and power.Those who are from a bad family and lack love are the easiest to be bullied. A typical example is An Lingrong in the Legend of Zhen Huan.The reason is also very easy to understand ah, this kind of girl inferiority and lack of love, easy to coax and easy to deceive.And it’s not powerful. It’s cheap.You think it will get you sympathy, but the weak never get it.5. Don’t put yourself in an unequal relationship. The little girl who was secretly secretly made this mistake. To put it bluntly, it is a little Stockholm Syndrome.Do you think the man who meets love, but truly loves you, is going to use that power advantage against you?If you really want to have a relationship, let’s get out of the unequal conversation environment.Finally, I hope that every woman in the workplace or about to enter the workplace has a pair of eyes, to identify the hidden rules of the workplace;More able to resist temptation and bravely reject unspoken workplace rules.