The chief procurator of Zhongshan County People’s Procuratorate led a team to the contact points of rural revitalization and the villages to carry out the Spring Festival condolence activities

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Crucial for ongoing consolidation to expand out of poverty, help the country revitalization, January 26, zhong shan county party secretary, the people’s procuratorate chief procurator Huang Denghong led to rural revitalization of the contact points and contact pair village condolences to the Spring Festival activities, for the public security town bridge, liao house seat, dual, difficult people, and it’s sent the country revitalization task force residency policemen will send New Year greetings.On the day of the event, Procurator-General Huang Denghong visited the Liuwu and Shuangyuan village Committees of Pingan Town to learn about the development of the rural revitalization work, and offered condolence money to the village committee, encouraging the village cadres to make persistent efforts and continue to unite and lead party members and masses to contribute to the cause of rural revitalization.Later, Huang Denghong, procurator-General, came to Daqiao Village, Public Security town for a visit, visited the village difficult party members, inquired in detail about their family situation and actual needs, and gave them sympathy money and New Year’s greetings.Procurator-general Huang Denghong told cadres in the village to deeply understand the urgent and anxious problems of the masses of difficult party members, timely coordination to solve the practical difficulties in work and life.In this activity, a group of people also went to Sanlian Village of Liangan Yao nationality township to visit the hospital’s rural revitalization task force stationed in the village police.Procurator-general Huang denghong affirmed the achievements of the police officers since they were stationed in the village, and hoped that the police officers stationed in the village would continue to carry forward the style of hard work, constantly improve the ability to serve the people, and promote the implementation of various tasks of rural revitalization with a stronger sense of responsibility and mission.