Return attention!Zhengzhou, Anyang, Zhoukou and other places highway access policy has changed

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On February 4, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters that in order to effectively improve the efficiency of vehicle passage, the measures of getting off the expressway will be optimized immediately: for vehicles with provincial license plates entering Zhengzhou, only one driver and passenger can check the trip code, and they can directly pass green without star marks;Double-code (travel code, health code) certificate (negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours) shall be checked for all drivers and passengers entering zheng’s vehicle with a license plate outside the province.It is reported that as the Spring Festival holiday comes to an end, the return traffic will increase from February 3, and the return traffic peak is expected on February 5 and 6.In order to improve the efficiency of vehicles and facilitate people’s return journey, the Municipal Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and control optimized the measures of getting off at the expressway, as follows: 1.For vehicles with provincial license plates entering Zheng, only one driver and passenger can check the trip code, and green and without star mark can pass directly;With star label continue to check the health code, after temperature measurement without abnormal release.3. Separate health code checks from affected cities such as Tianjin, Dalian and Anyang will be cancelled.4. If any abnormality is found on the above vehicles, handle it according to the corresponding process.In addition, because the high-risk areas in Henan province have been cleared, in order to meet the needs of the vast number of passengers return to restore the order of public transport, Anyang city and the latest motor vehicle access policy at 0 o ‘clock on February 3, Anyang city whole area reduced to low risk areas, successfully picked the star.So, anyang city within the main city limits of motor vehicles traffic management policy and various high-speed mouth epidemic prevention and access policy?On the morning of February 4, the reporter brought the latest news through on-the-spot interview and telephone understanding.At present, Anyang city within the main urban area is still the implementation of odd-even vehicle number restrictions traffic management measures.The limit is from 8:00 to 19:00 (including statutory holidays and public holidays).According to the reporter’s interview with all the high-speed stations in Anyang City, only a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours is required to flow across counties (cities, districts) in anyang city.Passengers coming from outside anyang city to return to safety should hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, double code green code, scan “back to safety QR code” for information entry at the exit of the expressway station.When leaving the expressway station, citizens need to hold a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and a certificate of departure issued by their community, scan the “Departure QR code” for information entry.In addition, only the upper stations of Linzhou Station of Nanlin Expressway, Taihang Grand Canyon Station and Red Flag Canal Station can pass normally. In addition to negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours and double-code green code, the next station also needs the residence certificate or acceptance certificate issued by the community (village committee) to go to.Part of zhoukou high-speed station does not need nucleic acid proof, but these need to pay attention to!The latest news obtained by reporters on February 3, at present, many high-speed stations in Zhoukou do not need to see nucleic acid certification, but need to check the itinerary code, temperature measurement.In addition, the Office of Zhoukou Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters issued an urgent reminder on February 2, requiring people with travel history in Shenzhen or close contact with confirmed cases to report.What is required for entry and exit?In recent days, reporters in an Luo high speed Zhoukou west toll station, Shangzhou high speed Zhoukou North toll station and other places to see the interview, for all the company into zhoukou vehicles, has no need to see 48 hours of nucleic acid negative proof, but must view the trip code and temperature measurement.Officials said it was to facilitate the return home of villagers from low-risk areas.However, it should be noted that once yellow or red travel codes appear, measures related to epidemic prevention and control should be implemented, such as nucleic acid testing, health monitoring and medical observation.However, it is up to the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters to take measures according to local conditions.But from the reporter’s understanding of the situation and the reflection of the netizens, most of the implementation of the policy is not required to nucleic acid certification, but to check the health code, travel code and temperature measurement, three items are normal, can pass.In addition, as Zhoukou is a low-risk area, there is no containment area or control area at present, so there is no need to go to other places from Zhoukou.However, it is necessary to remind fellow travelers that they should know the policies of the epidemic prevention and control departments in advance to avoid unnecessary troubles.Who needs to report?What are the consequences of not reporting?Zhoukou epidemic prevention and control command before the Spring Festival on January 26, released the notification regarding the orderly restore order to the production and living in the city “mentioned in article 3, foreign (return) zhoukou city personnel on the basis of the reported to the 3 days in advance, with 48 hours nucleic acid negative proof and health code, double green yard, and register the declared via” zhoukou “rear can normal traffic.In contrast to this regulation, all personnel from outside the city (return) weeks should be reported 3 days in advance.However, in order to provide convenience for the villagers during the Spring Festival, and on the basis of the improving situation of epidemic prevention and control, many high-speed stations now do not need nucleic acid negative proof to enter Zhoukou, but they still need to report, check the health code and travel code.Meanwhile, as confirmed cases have been reported in Shenzhen since January 31, the Office of Zhoukou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued an emergency reminder on February 2, saying that since January 17,Those who have a history of travel and residence in Shenzhen or who overlap with the activity track of confirmed cases, those who have received a call from CDC at all levels telling them that they have been in contact with the case or the contact person, and those whose health code is “red code” or “yellow code”, should immediately report to their village (community) where they live.In accordance with relevant regulations, they will cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing, health monitoring, medical observation and other epidemic prevention and control measures.In case of concealing, making false reports or failing to implement prevention and control measures in accordance with regulations, and causing serious consequences, legal liabilities will be investigated in accordance with the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and the Regulations on Emergency Response to Public Health Emergencies.Editor: Hu Kun