O ‘Sullivan vs. Higgins!Ding Junhui also joined the fray, but the 39-year-old world champion withdrew again

2022-06-13 0 By

China’s Ding Junhui joined the group 7 showdown between O ‘Sullivan and Higgins in the Champions League on Feb 1, 2022, while Neil Robertson withdrew after testing positive.With only one place left in the winners’ group of the Champions League, the competition is certainly very tight.Liang Wenbo, Graeme Dott, Zhao Xintong, Stuart Bingham, Scott Donaldson and Yan Bingtao have advanced to the winners’ group of the champions League.Obviously, the Chinese players are doing very well, there are already 3 players in the winner’s group, the hope of the championship is greatly increased.For ding Junhui, this is also motivation, zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao in the Final of the German Masters, Ding Junhui should try.However, the seventh group to participate in the lineup is quite luxurious, hot players are of course O ‘Sullivan and Higgins, both absent from the German Masters tournament, O ‘Sullivan participated in the exhibition match, the state is quite good, a series of full marks, Higgins to rest, body and mind to get full adjustment.In addition, Karen Wilson, Ali Carter, Martin Gould are real players.In addition, Richie Walton played as a substitute, before the end of the German Masters, Richie Walton reached the final four, lost to Zhao Xintong in the semifinals, is quite good.Richie Walton replaces Neil Robertson, the 39-year-old world champion who is in isolation after being infected with COVID-19.Therefore, in the face of such a situation, Ding Junhui is quite difficult to break out of the encirclement, only go for it.The first match day, Ding Junhui has played against Martin Gould, Ali Carter, Karen Wilson, the schedule is relatively easy.The focus of the battle is O ‘Sullivan against Higgins, the first day of the pressure on O ‘Sullivan, in addition to Higgins, he will face Karen Wilson, Rich Walton, Martin Gould.Higgins went up against O ‘Sullivan, Ricky Walton and Ali Carter.In February, the schedule is dense, in addition to the Champions League, there are a number of ranking matches, regardless of the result, the Champions League is a good opportunity for Ding Junhui, O ‘Sullivan, Higgins and others to warm up, through the short game to find the feel, for the following ranking matches.I hope Ding Junhui can shed his burden, try his best and continue to lead Chinese snooker to scale new heights.