New Areze 5 comprehensive evolution upgrade, comprehensive discount of 10000 yuan

2022-06-13 0 By

The new Areze 5 fully evolves and upgrades, providing two kinds of powertrain, a total of four different versions, priced at 49,900 to 84,900 yuan, with a comprehensive discount of 10,000 yuan.After three years on the market, the number of users exceeded 400,000. The professional car platform M1X is built, and the engine has extended warranty of one million kilometers in ten years.In terms of appearance, 2 to 1 motion aesthetics proportional body;Speed lingling body lines;Embrace wide body “X” front face design;The whole system is standard with projected white eyebrow smoked black light leading headlamp.In the interior, fully covered ergonomic leather seats;Three-screen surround digital intelligent cockpit & Asymmetrical Future Wing floating instrument panel;Aurora string through air conditioning air outlet design;Leather multi-functional high-texture steering wheel;Super wide suitable driving space, far more than the same class of 1825mm super wide body &2670mm super long wheelbase.In terms of configuration, xiongshi Smart Cloud system (46 dialects recognition, full time high-speed 4G-wifi coverage, natural voice vehicle control, natural voice operation vehicle-mounted Internet interconnection system);The whole system is equipped with TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system.EPB electronic parking brake system +Autohold automatic parking system;The whole system is equipped with retina class HD touch capacitor central control screen.X Interested friends can make an appointment in advance by phone: 0514-89886121, address: Chery Lujietong 4S Shop, no. 160-2 heye East Road, Chengbei International Automobile City, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou city (opposite buick Shop), welcome to buy.The event will run from February 19, 2022 to February 19, 2022