Jackson Yi became the first 100 billion movie star in Mainland China, and the strength of acting is worth looking forward to!

2022-06-13 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival movies are also released in cinemas one after another. As the annual holiday for everyone, the Spring Festival movies are among the best in terms of reputation and box office. Therefore, the box office of some filmmakers surges after the Spring Festival movies are released.Compared with previous Spring Festival box office forecasts, there seems to be no suspense at the top of this year’s box office, with Jackson Yi’s “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” leading the pack.As the second film in the Series, Watergate Bridge occupied the first place in its early release, so that the second place was almost impossible to overtake.Yi’s second Spring Festival film, Miracle Kid, grossed 189 million yuan on its opening day, making it the first post-00s movie star to surpass 10 billion yuan.As a singer and singer, he would not have made such achievements without his own efforts. In all the films he has acted in, none of them has a rating lower than 7 on Douban, which is the best praise for him.