Family reunion dinner!The daughter-in-law has boiled dumplings into porridge, chives and egg noodle soup, net friend: What a good wife

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Chinese New Year to eat dumplings, in the north is the custom, the family sit together to eat dumplings, is a very happy thing, mainly eat dumplings people reunion, rather than eat dumplings in the form of.Family reunion dinner to eat what, it is a kind of habit, eat dumplings, in the north in the south may eat tangyuan, may also be the rice, just food more, but in comparison, the people is the key, what food is the second Chinese New Year eat dumplings is the custom of the north, regardless of some dishes, are coming on a bowl of dumplings, drink with wine, chewed homely and family, is very relaxed and comfortable,This is the meaning of reunion on January 31, henan one netizen posted a video, in the video, the family around the table to eat dumplings, originally is a family reunion dinner, everyone is very happy, but nothing on the table to eat dumpling, everyone is in front of a sliced noodles soup, also covered with leek egg outside According to the video photographer,His wife at the time of boiled dumplings, because without looking at the results of the home go to cook broke, more let a person feel funny is, these dumplings are not broke a two, but all is broken, basically do not have a the woman is from the south, don’t know how to cook dumplings, you cook dumplings, mother-in-law is not in side, and the results boil dumplings a mess,Big New Year’s day to eat the dumpling, the in the mind must be very confused, but no way, who let is southern daughter-in-law cook Her mother-in-law is also very reasonable, without blame daughter-in-law, boiled dumplings, but joked that “this dumpling is both inside and outside food” “this dumpling is very friendly, the wrappers and dumpling stuffing mix”, also comfort daughter-in-law “dumplings didn’t cook well it doesn’t matter,The most important thing is a family reunion together eat dinner “reasonable mother-in-law, so let the net friends envy, some netizens said, if they cook the dumplings to estimate will be mother-in-law scold a meal, the whole family will have views on their own, even in peacetime eat dumplings is broken, feel uncomfortable, how much more is eve? Words that said,But at the time of eating the dumplings, or in the mind uncomfortable, may be harder to accept in-laws, eat the rest of dumplings, the dumplings or the first time to eat, the key is daughter-in-law cook, also bad temper, only crustily skin of head to eat Can boil dumplings like this, is also a player, the average person to cook a little is ok, but everyone is broken, does require a little power,The daughter-in-law is how can’t cook, so many netizens said, this is spent hundreds of thousands of CAI li married “good wife”, see the dumplings boiled, very level now don’t love to cook, even the most basic skills should be abandoned, in a few years, the rooms are not necessarily have a kitchen in the home, the young man really doesn’t like cooking, if not understand, if anyone eat dim sum,Also won’t appear such circumstance, in fact, this is not caused by attentively, can also be deliberately for shoot video leek dumplings, eggs cooked like this, the eve of the mood is not good, so the key of dumplings can be boiled, is a question of making dumplings, or boiled dumplings of problem, it’s too strange are broken, some people even say thatThis dumpling pot is not thrown a firecroler, so all fried blossom Chinese New Year eating dumplings is a custom, but also eat a kind of atmosphere, but can family reunion, even if dumplings boiled into porridge also have to endure, always can’t fight over the Chinese New Year, so, made of what all have to eat, New Year’s Eve reunion than the shape of dumplings is more important,Let’s take this dumpling as the precursor of “sudden wealth”. Finally, I hope my daughter-in-law can practice cooking and stop doing such things. For more exciting content, please pay attention to the column records of spicy media