Do high-achieving students usually start at the top of their class in the first grade

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High achievers are bright kids, but not necessarily the first grade students.No matter who, are growing up in change, the first grade of primary school is the starting stage, you are excellent, does not mean that you will always be excellent, as long as you are willing to work hard, things emerge in endlessly.I have taught a lot of children, they are in the first grade, Chinese and math are 100 points, a class has more than 10 such people, that is, more than 10 first in the class, that is not the future will have more than 10 outstanding students?Of course not. It would be nice to have one or two straight-a students all the way through high school.The reason is very simple, the first grade topic is simple, as long as usually obedient, careful people can test full marks, to the third grade, the difficulty of learning, the teacher’s requirements are not the same, just a composition, it is impossible to get full marks, even if there is a little bit of other questions, deduction points are not negotiable.Some people get full marks in grade one or two used to, where can stand the test of losing points, will be dejected, unable to get up after a fall, scores slowly down.As a teacher, not only to teach knowledge, but also to cultivate the quality of children’s will, especially now, some parents only pay attention to scores, even published test results ranking will hurt self-esteem, such a child even if one or two grades are double hundred points, also can not become outstanding students.Outstanding students should be high IQ, determined, indomitable, bold and careful, quick thinking people, they are not the seedlings in the greenhouse, is able to withstand the wind and rain.That’s how you measure your kids.In life, a lot of children can not do this, they are greedy to play, afraid of suffering and tired, this is a common human weakness, do not blame the children, we adults also have these weaknesses, but forced by the living environment, become more resilient.In fact, there is little difference in IQ between people. The main factor is non-intelligence. Some people are indomitable, never give up, never give up, and have strong self-discipline.Some people give up on themselves, do not beat themselves down, do not beat themselves down, no sense of self-discipline.These good and bad qualities are not innate, but are cultivated by parents and teachers together. Do you want to see if parents are willing to pay attention to them?Why do most of the top scorers in the national college entrance examination come from the families of primary and secondary school teachers and ordinary civil servants?Not from the families of the rich and powerful?Not from a poor family, think about it to find the answer.When the outstanding student, is not the future has been hegemony, plain sailing into the cause of hegemony?Isn’t.The social environment is always changing; the only constant is change.Can stand in the change of people, they must have a healthy and sunny heart, they mind the world, three correct, integrity, work passion, have the mentality of the master, the work as a cause to do, such a talent will be supported by people around love.Look around us, is there such a person?Can a single student with excellent grades achieve career hegemony?I am an ordinary person, do not do outstanding students also happy.Those who can be excellent students are a minority. We can make contributions to the society without being excellent students.