Chengdu has its eye on the key nodes

2022-06-13 0 By

Recently, sichuan Chengdu Qingbaijiang District commission for Discipline Inspection, supervision and inspection team came to the district human resources and social Security Bureau, a detailed understanding of the “four accountability” coordination to strengthen the style of construction specific situation.Not long ago, qingbaijiang District human resources and social security bureau qiu mou for violating the spirit of the central eight-point regulations by the party disciplinary warning.In this regard, the supervision and inspection team, on the one hand to understand the human resources and social Security bureau of the district to focus on the important time nodes of the rectification of the “four wind” specific practices, on the other hand, the inspection of the bureau’s leading party group and team members how to implement the political responsibility of comprehensively strict party governance, taking the case as a mirror to strengthen the style of construction.To seize tightly the responsibility system for the “gap”, chengdu, set about the establishment of a comprehensive governing party synergy mechanism, the implementation of the “four responsibilities”, construction of the party committee (party) main body responsibility, secretary of the party committee (party), the first responsibility, the party committee (party) team members “a pair of responsibilities” and the commission for discipline inspection supervision responsibility together with comprehensive governing party responsibility to carry out the system,The main body of the party is clearly defined, the coordination is strong, transmission is carried out at different levels, and precise accountability is held to ensure that the political responsibility for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party is fulfilled.”We will four principal coordination mechanism as main fulcrum of attitude construction, further defined the supervision and inspection, and to analyze and investigate the rectification, reporting exposure, warning education working mechanism, promoting to a higher power, the party organization and discipline inspection organs at all levels to solve responsibility” and “idle” and “blur” and “keen on temperature under cold ‘, resolutely punishing” four winds “.”The relevant person in charge of the Discipline inspection and Supervision Commission of Chengdu said that the implementation of the coordination mechanism of “four responsibilities” will be included in the important content of daily supervision and inspection, and those who lack political responsibility in managing the Party, engage in formalistic bureaucracy, and do not act in a disorderly manner will be held accountable, and their work style will be deepened and concrete with precise accountability.On the one hand, we need to take political responsibility for improving our style of work. On the other hand, we need to carry out thorough and thorough supervision and inspection, and weave a network of supervision over the four styles of work.”Every holiday eve, in accordance with the unified plan of the city commission for discipline inspection supervisor appoint, we will to the foreign affairs office of municipal party committee, municipal BoLanJu departments to carry out special supervision and inspection, adhere to the problem oriented, focusing on the existence of public funds to buy boxing, private and public funds to eat and drink during the festival the prone in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems.”Chengdu Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in the Foreign Affairs Office of the Party Committee of the Discipline inspection and Supervision group.It is understood that in 2021, during the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day, the discipline inspection organs at all levels in the city of chengdu joint market supervision, organization affairs, business, finance and other functional departments, to large business super, catering enterprises, the scenic spot, specialty stores, such as alcohol, tobacco, 4133 points, take the field view, reading notes, the supervision of the communication, and secretly check wait for means to carry out supervision and inspection of 2388 times.”Supervision, inspection and rectification are also an important part of the coordination mechanism.We have implemented the policy of reviewing, analyzing, and rectifying each case, urging relevant units to identify problems and weak links, rectify problems from the point of view, and urge other units to solve similar problems from the point of view. We have constantly improved systems and mechanisms, and strengthened efforts to address both the symptoms and root causes and address the root causes.The rectification will also be reported to discipline inspection and supervision authorities, and made public to a certain extent in light of actual conditions.”Chengdu discipline inspection commission said the relevant person in charge.