Chengdu New Year’s Eve dinner consumption what “new food is still”?Take-out New Year’s Eve dinner sales rise Small dishes are not wasteful and affordable

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The ritual of the New Year begins with a sumptuous Dinner.How to eat New Year’s Eve dinner?Reporters visit found that as early as last December, each hotel has been scrambling to launch the New Year’s Eve dinner menu.Chengdu New Year’s Eve dinner “food” strength is also confirmed in the data.Data from Meituan APP showed that in the first half of January alone, searches for “New Year’s Eve dinner” by Chengdu users increased 54 percent from the same period last year, based on seat booking data.At the same time, the number of Chengdu restaurant merchants offering New Year’s Eve dinner packages online increased by more than 81 percent compared to the same period last year.Many enterprises are in the eye-catching location of the store with electronic display screens or banners to play “appropriate ordering, healthy eating” “packaging after dinner, eliminate waste” and so on, to remind consumers not to waste.Some companies offer free post-meal packaging to encourage consumers to practice “green consumption”.”This year, our New Year’s Eve dinner was fully booked early, with all 20 private rooms full.”Kou home courtyard front office director Jiang Wanyong told reporters, only December 27 that day on the order of 40 tables guests.Reporters found in the visit, these restaurants in the doorway set sweep code registration, temperature measurement facilities, reduce the hall with table number, and screen, green plants, etc., to ensure that there is enough safety distance between consumers.”Now consumers pay special attention to disinfection when choosing restaurants, and we will also guide customers to sit apart and use serving chopsticks and spoons.”Changes in consumer demand are also perceived by catering enterprises.According to Jiang, for those who order dinner, the staff will make an initial set meal based on the number of customers and adjust it according to their requirements, “which is convenient for the kitchen to prepare dishes and can effectively reduce waste.”With the changing consumption habits of citizens, the New Year’s Eve dinner has gradually shifted from the traditional home-made mode to dining out and online shopping.Reporters found that this year’s Spring Festival, in addition to the introduction of meal packages, many well-known restaurants also launched take-out New Year’s Eve dinner, mobile phone orders can be at home to eat a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner.As early as half a month ago, liu Wen, a citizen, ordered a takeaway dinner set at the Red Apricot Restaurant. “I just need to buy some seafood and fresh vegetables, and I can make the dinner directly.”In the apricot inn, there are many take-out boys who come to pick up food.Wang Xiaolan, the manager, said the number of takeout dinners has increased significantly this year. “The number of big dishes sold in takeout dinners has skyrocketed, especially those that are difficult to cook at home, such as Buddha Jumping over the wall, Diving frog and mouth water chicken, which are far ahead in sales.”More New Year’s Eve dinners for small and medium tables with less than 8 people “save a lot of work. The dishes you can eat in the shop, such as steamed sea bass, millet simmering sea cucumber, etc., are semi-finished takeaway products.”Liu wen told reporters, although you can also go to restaurants, but at home to make a sumptuous dinner dinner, more foot.Like Liu Wen, aunt Wang is also worried about the dinner.In the past, Aunt Wang will advance a month to book a hotel, is worried about the dinner box in short supply.This year, for the first time, she included prepared dishes in her lunar New Year dinner plan.Aunt Wang told reporters that she had not considered the prepared food, but in the case of hotel reservations for the New Year’s Eve dinner, some time-renowned and star-rated hotel staff have all recommended the prepared food to her.”As for my concerns about freshness and preservatives, the clerk said the prepared dishes would be prepared and sold on demand to ensure freshness.”In addition, this year, consumer incline to order the rice of small table New Year’s Eve with less number, the rice of small table New Year’s eve with the following 8 people increases.Wang Xiaolan told reporters that in recent years, the pattern of small group year is rising, in order to meet the needs of customers more dishes less waste, in the design of dishes also specially launched small dishes.For example, Fotiaoqiang small portion packaging, salty baked white independent bowl packaging, are convenient for 1 to 2 people to eat portions, the price is directly halved.”Small portions not only satisfy customers’ demand for a variety of dishes, but also reduce waste.”For catering enterprises, the theme of this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner is also in the “rub” hot tiger year.Reporters see, yue Baiwei (Xichen store) New Year’s Eve dinner menu named “tiger tiger unripe power” “Dragon tengteng Tiger yue” “like a tiger with wings added”, tiger year element is very.”We change the menu three to four times a year, and new dishes make up about 30 percent of the total, except for some classic dishes.”The person in charge of the store revealed that this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner to take a time-sharing meal, noon and evening each contain two rounds, “at the same time also warm remind everyone, eat not over dishes to remember to pack home, establish the ‘glorious’ dining concept, develop the good habit of green consumption.”Chengdu Daily · Jin Guan news reporter Meng Hao intern reporter Xu Ruike interview object for map editor Song Hexiao proofread Li Min