The Charity Federation of the Taiwan Investment Zone held a visit event for the 2022 Spring Festival

2022-06-12 0 By

Love on the road, no fear of wind and rain.Recently, in order to convey social care and alleviate the living difficulties of the poor people, the Charity Federation of The Taiwan Investment Zone in Quanzhou joined hands with the district charity volunteer Service center, braved the rain to carry out the Spring Festival activity of caring for families in need.In recent days, the leaders of the Charity Federation of the district led the volunteers to go to the village and deliver life supplies and red envelopes of love to 100 poor families in the district, and send the care from all walks of life and New Year’s greetings to the poor people.During the visit, Guo Wentian, president of the District Charity Federation, understood the specific situation of each family and the causes of their difficulties in detail, and encouraged them to face up to the current difficulties, build up confidence, be positive and enterprising, and get out of the difficulties as soon as possible through their own hard work.The arrival of caring people not only brought material help to the needy people, but also gave them spiritual comfort and warm the whole winter.According to the reporter of Charity Charity Daily, since its establishment in 2017, the District Charity Federation has been carrying out Spring Festival condolence activities during the Spring Festival every year.The activities of the total expenditure of 100 thousand yuan, mobilized more than 120 volunteers volunteers, love cars 40 times.(Hu Yuehong)