Prevention and control of the epidemic and work safety should not be misused to escort the Spring Festival travel rush and the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-06-12 0 By

At present, the epidemic situation in the region is still severe. In order to further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control measures, the first brigade of the Ninth Branch of the Autonomous Region’s Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Transport carried out a major inspection of the epidemic prevention and control and fire safety work of toll stations in the region on February 19.According to the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, transportation hall on the work of disease prevention and control and safety production and secretly AnZha notice file requirement, law enforcement personnel in strict accordance with the Ministry of Transport of the highway toll station and service area of the epidemic prevention and control guide (fourth edition), adopt the way of investigations AnZha carried out the following inspections: one is to check protective materials reserve of toll station.The quantity and use of reserved anti-epidemic materials such as masks, thermometers, disinfectants, nebulizers and protective suits should be randomly checked, and those lacking or inadequately prepared should be replenishment in time.The second is to check the toll station staff wearing masks, gloves, carefully check the temperature measurement record, whether to do all staff must test, before the test, post monitoring and other work.Three is to check the toll station safety work, mainly on the toll station food safety and fire safety work inspection, fire extinguishers meet the requirements, toll station each inspection are registered in the record form.According to the inspection, all toll stations can strictly implement epidemic prevention and control and work safety in accordance with the Epidemic Prevention and Control Guidelines for Highway Toll Stations and Service Areas (fourth edition).Next, the autonomous region transportation comprehensive administrative enforcement team 9 first brigade will continue to strengthen the toll station epidemic prevention and control and supervision and inspection of work safety in production, truly the epidemic prevention and control work and the balance of the work of production safety, with practical action to ensure Spring Festival transportation and during the Beijing Olympics, jurisdiction highway safety.(Correspondent Deng Wucai Lu Kaishi)