Owner dumbstruck: buy elevator room to go home still have to climb 66 ladder development: you buy time also didn’t ask

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Residents have to climb 66 steps to enter the gate of the community.Reporter Yi Yongjun spent millions of yuan to buy an elevator room for the convenience of getting around. However, when he picked up the room, he found that he had to climb 66 steps to enter the main gate of the community, equivalent to climbing four or five floors first.A few days ago, Chongqing Banan District Lianfa Longzhou Bay 1 E group community owners in Chongqing network political platform reflect that they have encountered such a difficult travel embarrassment.In response, the owners went to the developer and asked why they didn’t tell him before. The staff replied, “You didn’t ask when you bought it.”Mr. Zhou is the owner of Group E, No.1 longzhou Bay, Lianfa. In November 2019, he spent more than 1.08 million yuan to buy a house here by the developer Of Lianfa Group Chongqing Real Estate Development Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Lianfa Group Chongqing Company”).Starting from July 2021, residents of more than 800 households in the community found that their houses were elevator rooms, but they had to climb 66 steps before entering the community.Mr. Zhou said he bought the house to improve the living conditions of his family, which has no elevator and is inconvenient for his parents, who are in their late 70s, and their young children.The house is currently under renovation. After picking up the house, Zhou took his parents and children to the community several times. Each time, his parents were breathless before they reached the gate of the community and only climbed the 66 steps.”When I bought the house, it was on the shelf and the developer didn’t tell us that 66 steps needed to be built, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought here.”Mr Zhou said.From Mr. Zhou’s original sales department sand table, there is no indication that there are 66 steps, so he was completely unaware of this when he bought the house.Screenshot of owner’s wechat group chat.Many owners of the community for the interviewersare also surprised and helpless by so many steps.Hualong net – the new Chongqing client reporter in the community owner group to see that there are 494 members of the group, for these steps, we can not bear words.Have owner expresses, young people are ok, climb ladder when exercise, but to the old person in the home, child, return home must accept physical strength first “test”.Screenshot of owner’s wechat group chat.Climb up 66 steps and move forward more than 20 meters, is lianfa Longzhou Bay No. 1 E group community gate.Hualong network – New Chongqing client reporter Yi Yong Jun in the scene through experience found that these steps are divided into 8 sections, a total of 66 steps.Based on 12 to 16 steps per floor in ordinary housing, walking the 66 steps is equivalent to climbing four to five floors.From the top of the steps and then forward more than 20 meters, is the village gate.On both sides of the 66 steps are terraced flower beds with plants planted inside.There is no barrier-free passage in the whole step. Residents push carts to buy vegetables or take suitcases to go out to catch a car. They can only carry the next step in their hands, and then pull the next step, and then the next step…Do this seven or eight times before you reach the road below.Hualong net – the new Chongqing client reporter saw that there is a back door, the back door does not need to step down, go is a gentle slope, but to circle a lot of road.If you take a detour to the back door of the community, it will take about 10 times longer.Mr. Zhou said that he bought a house near the main gate of the community, walk down the steps to the road, the distance as the crow flies is less than 50 meters.If bypass the back door, first to go through the entire community, more than 200 meters away, and then bypass the back door more than 300 meters of road, walking distance is about 10 times the original.Residents want escalators or barrier-free access to be installed on either side of the 66 steps.Hualong net – new Chongqing client reporter Yi Yong Jun developer:Housing is not the owner also didn’t ask it a few days ago, reporters came to the sales department of community, along with the owners of the community when to sell, why not inform buyers to take 66 steps here, mediatek group, chongqing, said ms wang of the company’s customer service is responsible for the lung chau bay this told is not the necessary condition to sign the contract that buy a house, as long as the contract both sides sign, is effective.Lianfa Group Chongqing company customer service department a customer service manager Lai Juan said, if the house buyer asked, property consultants will tell here is to build ladder steps, but the specific number of steps, before the ladder is built, property consultants certainly can not answer.Lawyer:Adverse factors should inform consumers have a right to know chongqing open brocade lawyer at willow said, buy a house is a great life, people often attaches great importance to the surroundings when to buy a house, but the current housing sales is given priority to with booking, some developers to house to sell, sell the net said pick up good, but for some disadvantages or negative information, but inadvertently ignore or hide,This can easily lead to disputes over house purchases.According to Article 496 of the Civil Code, the party providing standard terms shall abide by the principle of fairness to determine the rights and obligations between the parties, and take a reasonable way to remind the other party to pay attention to the exemption or mitigation of the liability of the other party and other provisions that have a major interest to the other party.Yang lawyer said, the steps here have a very high drop, has largely affected the access of residents, and many residents complain about this, should belong to adverse factors, according to the “civil Code” should also be the developer tip buyers have a significant interest in the terms of the obligation to inform.Wang Zhiguo, deputy director of Chongqing Hezong Law firm, also said that article 8 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer rights and Interests stipulates that consumers have the right to know the true situation of the commodities they buy or use or the services they receive.Wang Zhiguo believes that home buyers are affected by professional ability, objective conditions and other factors, unable to consult the planning and design scheme or internal organization drawings and other information;The developer knows the planning and design scheme in advance, and clearly knows the ancillary facilities and layout, which may affect the actual value of commercial housing and the buyer’s purchase intention.Therefore, for the adverse factors that directly or indirectly affect the value of commercial housing and the life of the owners, the developer should be required to timely disclose and truthfully explain the obligations to the buyer, and should be clearly informed and actively prompt the owners when selling.How will the matter finally be resolved?Chongqing network political platform will continue to pay attention to.