Jianli police publicly returned stolen goods, cash and electric vehicles returned on the scene

2022-06-12 0 By

To reveal to crack down on all kinds of illegal crime against property is determined to deter illegal and criminal behavior has let city jianli city public security bureau police station open back after gifts ceremony focus return in the near future to detect sex case against property recover property it is understood that the refund after gifts ceremony were returned 17 cars, electric tricycle value 30000 yuan, the burglaries money 6500 yuan,All from multiple burglaries with stolen money and stolen goods.”Really did not think of the first two days lost electric car so quickly back, this is really lost, thanks to the police.”At the scene of returning stolen goods, the owners saw the lost items and the hard-earned money they had been cheated back in their hands, smiling and expressing their gratitude to the public security organs.On the ceremony, the police briefly introduced the case to the victim, publicized the knowledge of anti-theft, demonstrated the determination of the Rongcheng police station to crack down on the crime of stealing, robbing, cheating and other illegal acts, and encouraged the masses to take the initiative to provide all kinds of illegal and criminal clues, and actively cooperate with the public security organs to crack down on illegal and criminal actions.The next step, Rongcheng police station will continue to attack, carry out the construction of peace, so that thieves, thieves and criminals have no place to hide.