An insurance fraud brought about by a traffic accident

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To buy insurance for the car owner in the event of an accident, there is enough money to compensate for damage or repair the car.However, Lintong truck owner Yan In the vehicle accident, contact insurance company for claims, but was told that his car did not handle insurance, the hand of the insurance policy is what?Mr Yan turned out to be a lorry driver to improve his family’s income.In March 2021, I used all my savings to buy a truck in a used car market in Xi ‘an.When buying a car, consult the staff about insurance for the car.The staff told him after the vehicle transfer, you need to buy insurance in accordance with the standard of the new car, the cost probably needs more than 20,000 yuan, and introduced the Weinan city of a car service company Yang mou, said you can contact Yang Mou for the vehicle for insurance matters.After handling the vehicle transaction procedures, Mr. Yan immediately contacted Yang, the two sides through bargaining, and finally Mr. Yan transferred more than 18,000 yuan to Yang, Yang was entrusted to handle the vehicle insurance procedures.A few days later, Yang gave him the policy, only to see his name on the policy Mr. Yan collected the policy, and then began to engage in transportation business.All the while nothing happened.Until February 2022, Mr. Yan accidentally had a traffic accident while driving goods, so he immediately contacted the insurance company for compensation.But when the insurance company detailed inquiry, but found that Mr. Yan’s vehicle has not been insured procedures.He of have doubt, after taking guarantee slip to insurance company to verify personally, be told oneself hold guarantee slip is forgery actually.Panicked Mr. Yan immediately telephone contact had to help themselves to handle insurance matters Yang mou, but at this time Yang mou phone has become empty.In desperation, he had to the area of the north field police station alarm for help.After receiving Mr. Yan’s help, the North Tian police station immediately joint branch criminal investigation team investigation, and on February 15 the suspect Yang summoned to the police station for investigation.In the face of the police interrogation, Yang truthfully confessed because of business failure, poor life, is depressed, received Mr. Yan entrusted to handle vehicle insurance matters of the phone, and then produce yan money, forged insurance policy criminal facts.At present, Yang has been suspected of fraud by the public security Lintong branch criminal detention, the case is being investigated.Police remind: the majority of vehicle owners, when handling insurance matters for the car, we must go to the regular insurance company consulting, do not plan cheap or save trouble, entrust others to do, so as not to cause losses to their property.Author: Lintong Branch of Public Security bureau