Vehicles are not allowed on these sections of Henan Expressway due to fog (issued at 11:25 am on The 25th)

2022-06-11 0 By

The reporter learns from henan highway police, by Miriam on January 25, 2022, 1, because of the fog, a ban on vehicle on road, airport expressway, broadly Zheng Min high-speed: nanyuan dealer’s camp – apricot flowers stand high speed: WeiShi north station Zheng Yun high-speed: wide arms standing round high-speed: lotus street station – along south station Zheng Min high-speed: Zheng An quotient – yao home stand on high speed:Xincun station – garden expo garden station zheng Luan high-speed: houzhai station – xinzheng west station ernesto high-speed: guandu station – the airport station, WeiShi west railway station 2, because of the fog, ban dangerous goods vehicles on roads: jin new high-speed: jiaozuo west station – plain district west station JiaoTong (JiaoWen) high-speed, southwest of jiaozuo station – county station after high speed: treasure xiu wu station – chypre station Zheng Yun high speed:Jiaying view station – Yuntaishan station, please detour in advance, other expressways in the province normal traffic.Recently, our province continued to appear a large range of low temperature rain and snow process.In order to ensure road traffic safety, according to the prevailing conditions of the road, the fog area, icing and other sections of the road will take restrictions, bans and remote diversion detour measures.Emergency transport vehicles for epidemic prevention and control, fresh agricultural products, key production materials and people’s livelihood materials are not restricted by control measures, and their passage is given priority.Henan Provincial Public Security Department high-speed Corps emergency transport support service hotline: 0371-68208110.If you encounter an emergency on the Henan expressway, please call the Henan High-speed traffic police at 0371-68208110 or the high-speed service number 12328 for help.